The World of Hospitality Issue 41 2021 - Page 18


210th is the upsell that actually makes you money

No world speaks more to the imagination then the world of hotels . Love , excitement , exploration , adventure , desire and romance are brought closer together in the brand 210th .
210th is a very high-end sensual lifestyle hospitality brand available in the most outstanding and progressive hotels around the world . The luxury Love boxes and bags enhance your guest experience with their carefully picked and exclusively designed erotic accessories . The various secret assignments will continue to create memories linked to their romantic stay at your hotel long after the guests are back home .
The cosmetic line of 210th is comparable with brands like Bvlgari , La Prairie or Molton Brown . In our laboratory we combined high quality ingredients with a remarkable scent designed by one of the best ‘ noses ’ in Europe . All developed to make your body and mind feel sensual , loved and in the mood for pleasure .
Scan the QR code for our catalogue and prices or contact us at viviane @ lovebusiness . eu . www . 210th . com
210th is a unique upsell opportunity at a very profitable return . The Love boxes and bags can be offered through your booking systems , in the minibar , directly in the room or in the hotel shop . They can go discretely on the guest ’ s bill as minibar product . The profit from the sale of a 210th box is equivalent to the sale of one of the below :
• 38 cups of coffee
• 27 glasses of wine
• A dinner for two
• 28 glasses of beer
• An overnight stay in a room
WEBSITE : www . 210th . com