The World of Hospitality Issue 41 2021 - Page 16


Claudia Mascino , Inventor of the COVID-Secure ‘ Ready to Use ’ Coffee Shop

Claudia ( pronounced ‘ Clow-di-ya ’) Mascino is a formidable leader , motivated by a strong commitment to help the communities in which she works . The energetic Director of Peabodys Coffee hails from Northern Italy and has brought a zesty Mediterranean getup-and-go attitude to running artisan coffee shops in hospital settings for the past 20 years . Not famous for exceptional coffee and food , Claudia saw an opportunity during the coffee shop boom of the early noughties to bring a high-quality offer to hospital settings . Claudia ’ s experience during the Covid crisis identified a need within the sector for a ‘ safety-first ’ approach to hospitality . The
Pod by Peabodys was born . It was designed scrupulously to satisfy the combined safety and customer care needs within a hospital setting by award winning Italian architects , Modourbano . A self-contained , fast to erect ‘ ready to use ’ coffee shop is the leader ’ s most modern innovation to date , and will make waves in the sector . She ’ s always innovating .
The Pod by Peabodys means that hospitals and universities don ’ t have to worry about coping with the expense , stress and time associated with installing a full coffee shop . Peabodys Coffee can now provide their reputable service through a completely selfcontained , compact pod specifically designed with new pandemic safety measures that can be installed in just 24 hours . It ’ s sleek , simple , solid Italian design perfectly reflects the reliable , high-quality , convenient service from within , that ’ s sure to make waves in the estates and facilities sector this season .
The Pod by Peabodys is a highly innovative concept that has embraced the hygiene and safety protocols to deal with pandemic control . Its design is cashless , contactless and completely self contained . It ’ s set up with strict social distancing rules , with people queuing 2 metres from each other , and a