The World of Hospitality Issue 41 2021 - Page 13

THE WORLD OF HOSPITALITY 13 and found touching one door handle is the equivalent of 10,000 handshakes .
The UK is starting to look at offices reopening again , but the internal door handles can be an issue . Tweaq has found within two hours an office of 80 people can be infected due to one contaminated door handle .
Tweaq Touch 1 allows an establishment to provide a safer environment to its employees and visitors .
Why is it better than manual cleaning ?
Tweaq ’ s team provided extensive research into the types of businesses its product would benefit , not only from a hygiene point of view , but as a cost saving exercise .
For example , a restaurant with 250 visitors a day would have half of the visitors use the bathroom , averaging 125 uses daily . This in turn equates to 40,000 uses in the year , costing $ 2.90 per day for a professional service to disinfect door handles **. In comparison , it is $ 1.40 / day with Tweaq Touch 1 plus the initial investment . This is a saving of over $ 500 a year .
Giovanni Barilla , CEO from Tweaq said : “ We help people open doors to the world , safeguarding their every touch-point . Our product combines hardware and software technology to provide an effective and reliable solution that not only protects people but can save businesses money in the long run .
“ The world is changing mindset and attitude to investing in hygiene has completely transformed . We are thrilled to be able to offer a prevention solution that will hopefully help ease concerns and provide peace of mind for many .”
Tweaq Touch 1 is priced at £ 399 for two handles ( one full door ) and cartridge refills are at £ 39 for consumers and for businesses there is a £ 16.90 / month subscription plan available . Tweaq Touch 1 will be available in four shades , grey , silver , rose gold and gold .
Customers can currently register interest for delivery in 2021 . For larger orders , price is available on request .
WEBSITE : www . tweaq . co