The World of Hospitality Issue 29 2018 - Page 62

62 THE WORLD OF HOSPITALITY SEATABLE UK Seatable UK Based on the edge of the Yorkshire hills in the Dearne Valley Seatable UK have been helping to create inspiring dining environments for over 12 years, with its dedictated and passionate team, visions become reality. and workplace dining environments. This evolution took place through a gradual change in the educational sectors with increasing demand for more aesthetically, appealing environments to attract students into the dining zones . From its early beginnings Seatable’s portfolio was within the educational dining markets, working with Local Authorities to provide a service of design and manufacture, of simple yet exceptionally robust furniture for demanding environments . An open minded approach was embraced and the transition was underway with, interior designers and other specifiers seeking the companies services. A reputation was built on service and quality products in a highly competitive market. In 2018 the values of the company are as strong as ever but the markets they have evolved into are of a broad er nature. The education dining business is still strong but there has been a demand for the companies values from other sectors within leisure Trying to do things a little differently to others is key to the company’s success, There are many companies offering internet based sales of leisure and dining furniture but not so many offering a concept to completion service with full consultation, interior design, a balanced range of products including simple, high quality branded products such as Pedrali and importantly bespoke furniture which forms a large part of the Seatable offering. WEBSITE: Seatable are proud to have achieved high quality standards which help efficiency and sustainability. They operate to ISO9001:2015 quality assurance accreditation, Altius, safe contractor and all other safety standards you would expect from a quality supplier, additionally Seatable are an investor in people organisation. Seatable are still a relatively small, but an expanding company with a passion for the products and services they offer. Supplying into markets which include restaurants, bars, nightclubs, workplaces and education dining. Aiming to satisfy their customers by providing furniture solutions in a professional and friendly manner through a dedicated team committed to providing an exceptional service is a quintessential goal of the company. Equally happy to work on small projects of just a few pieces of furniture through to major projects requiring full services of design and consultation.