The World of Cleaning & Facilities Management Issue 22 2021 | Page 20


Indust-Solution Services ’ Cleaning Supplies Top Picks


From the company that supply TFL with tools and maintenance products , Indust-Solution Services have pulled together a roundup of cleaning and facilities management must haves . Industrial cleaning has never been more important as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt industries across the world . Having these products in your armoury will ensure your facilities are cleaned and sanitised to the highest standards .
1 . Uniwipe Clinical Disinfectant Midi- Wipes
Used by the NHS to ensure cleanliness and optimal sanitisation across mass testing centres in the health service , Uniwipes ’ Clinical Disinfectant are highly effective wipes with outstanding microbiocidal performance . The wipes are effective against SARS-CoV-2 , the virus that causes COVID-19 and kills 99.999 % of bacteria within 30 seconds .
With the dual action cleaning and disinfecting properties , they are relied upon in medical environments , offices , schools and even homes . Gentle on surfaces and alcohol free , they can be used all day every day to keep your surfaces clean and safe . They have also been dermatologically tested , which means not only are they hugely effective on surfaces they are also safe and kind to hands .
Uniwipes are a best seller at Indust- Solution Services and are extremely effective in ensuring workspaces are Covid-safe . To order visit : https :// industsolution-services . myshopify . com
2 . Sealey Tools Steam Cleaner
A must-have product for all those in the facilities management industry , the Sealey Tools Steam Cleaner is the ideal tool for those small but stubborn stains . Using only tap water , the unit produces pressurized steam up to a maximum of 160 ° C which cleans , sanitizes and sterilizes .
For optimum efficiency the steam cleaner heats up to full temperature in just 7 minutes and includes a variety of accessories for multiple cleaning tasks . There isn ’ t a spot this machine won ’ t reach as it is ideal for cleaning a range of surfaces including for cleaning carpets and upholstery , alloy wheels , car interiors , floors , mirrors , glazed areas , service and toilet areas .
One of the reasons Indust-Solution Services has made this a top pick is because unlike chemical cleaning devices , the steam itself leaves no toxic residues making it a lot safer to use in the workplace .
3 . Darcy Spill Kits
When dealing with chemicals and cleaning supplies that can have a dangerous impact on people or the environment if used incorrectly , it is so important to have an effective and easy to use spill kit on hand in case of emergency .
Unfortunately , human error is difficult to minimise completely as accidents always happen , but the damage is minimised with products such as the Drizit range of Emergency Response Spill kits manufactured by Darcy Spillcare . The spill kits are designed to allow you to effectively respond to any oil , chemical or general fluid spill on site , land and water , quickly and easily to ensure limited damage to the surround environment .
A spill kit is one of Indust-Solution Services essential tools for all facilities management . Limiting risks is one thing but having the tools to rectify them is vital .
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