The Word of God in Romania 2016.01.14 - The Word of God at the Feast of the L

2016.01.14. The Word of God 1 at the Feast of the Lord’s circumcision in the body and the feast of the saint hierarch Basil the Great 2 I am coming down into My book of today as word of teaching over those who take from the Lord guidance and advice for their walking on the way with Me, on the way for Me, and on which I, the Lord, walk towards them as well, and then with them on My way to the people, and how beautiful is when every man understands My coming of today in the way I come, for even on earth, when those who rule want to send their words to the people in order to be ful- filled, they work likewise, and they also have people among themselves, they have those who bring to the people the things that have to be fulfilled according to the advice from above, from the helm of the citadel, and those who do not fulfill are seen and they are questioned and then searched out because of their disobedience. Oh, I am laying down as a gentle Teacher on this day of holy feast and I am grazing My faithful and obedient people, and I am also bringing news and advice to those who are not faithful in their obedience to God, because this is how the gentle Shepherd is when He tends his sheep, both the good one and those what are not so good, those who do not have so much fear of the wolf that hunts the sheep according to his nature of wolf. Oh, by this work of word spoken by My mouth over those who share God, I, the Lord, am showing in this time, coming from the Scripture to be, I am showing to those on earth the heavenly way, the way that people do no longer seek. Oh, no one seeks on his way any longer; people do no longer have the heavenly way in their search, people cannot work any longer on this way, for there are many pleasures on earth, and the pleasures are sweet for man, and every man is punished to them as a reward of his lack of God from his life and living. Oh, peace to you, people of My word, for the world has to know of My mouth to whom you belong and who made you the people of Christ the Word. Oh, son, My word upon you has put you at the table of the teaching of God’s sons, from where those who believe that the Lord comes on earth and teaches people the heavenly way can receive guidance for life; there is not seen anywhere teaching and knowledge for the heavenly way any longer so that man may have to choose between good and evil, between truth and emptiness, between light and darkness, between holiness and sin, because it is not right that only the evil face of the things to be seen; on the contrary, it is well for man to know what to choose for his life, those that remain or those that perish by their nature without eternity, and I, the Lord, come to man and show him the heavenly way, which no one looks for, no one, if it does not come into the men’s way. When I teach and give you My advice, My people, I go with this food of word over the earth and with it I stand before men, for the rulers of the earth and especially those who have laid hold of the keys of the kingdom of the heavens have hidden the way to heaven from people so that only the way to them may be seen and the people to know only that; however, people need to be advised as they have to know what wisdom is and they have to be helped on their way to heaven. Oh, and when I had seen that the mercy on people died out on earth, I came down from heaven from near My Father and made My way on earth to the people and I start 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1