The Word of God in Romania 2015.11.21 - The Word of God at the Synod of the s - Page 4

2015.11.21. My return from the Father as word on earth. Oh, divide yourselves at the borders up and down and watch from near Me, for all those in heaven watch and keep away all the danger and urge to watching the whole Romanian people for all those on earth because the time is with oppres- sion, because the people on earth sin against the holy watching, which they are to work for themselves and then for each other so that it may go well with them. Oh, Romanian country, My country of today, I am in you as word and I am exhorting you to love and to longing after God, for God watches upon you more and more than any other area on the earth, because He has in you the citadel of His word, on which He watches and blesses. Oh, take care of you and of the Lord, your God; moreover, you should take care of you as you take care of God, for otherwise you do those things that your Lord does not like and which also are not according to His holy laws, and sufferance and danger come upon those who are not lead by God. I have prophesied by this word that the uncovered heads will catch fire, and I have looked at the mourning of those whose hair caught fire, and they were running with the fire in their head, and when they want to put out the fire they burned their heads, poor little souls consumed with sufferance. (Reference to the tragedy at the rock concert at the sports club “Colective,” which took fire from the fireworks and where more than sixty people lost their lives because of the burns, and almost one more hundred of them are still in hospital in the country and abroad, badly wounded, r.n.) Oh, if they were pleased to Me they would have been like the three young men in the furnace of fire and I would have sent them My angel and I would have taken them out of the fire not harmed, but they were harmed, and many of them breathed their last, and it was fulfilled My word that foresees the works of those who are disobedient with respect to the holy laws. Oh, here it is what I am telling you: you have a seal of Christian people even from your birth, Romanian people, but it is not well to bear God’s name and serve the pleasures of the devil enemy, oh, it is not well this. Seek to get used to holy joy and get your heart used to the love of God, for the heart was made in man by God to be God’s dwelling place of rest. However, man gives it to My enemy and his and then he comes to sufferance for this injustice against man’s Creator. Oh, kneel before Me and pray to give you a holy stature and to be My joy and the joy of My saints, Romanian people. Oh, come in My love. You are good dough, but remember this. Amen. Now, I am spreading My arms to you, My today’s country, and I work protection upon you. The saints and the angels are in My service especially for your protection. I have on this day holy feast on your heart, I am embracing you with the hosts of angels and I am strengthening your understanding for the truth in heaven on earth; further, I am also waking up your spirit and guiding you to wake you up. Oh, peace to you! Armies of angels are strengthening your borders and protection at the borders, but I expect you to understand God, Romanian people. And you, those who have found Me here within My feast, oh, come to the spring. Come together at My bosom whenever I come down with a holy feast, waiting for Me with longing to sit with you at the table and to rejoice, sons, and you should also rejoice with Me in the same way. Oh, do not forget, do not forget that the walking without guidance is with danger on the way. The one who has no counselor upon him will surely come to fall, but more severely than 4