The Word of God in Romania 2015.11.21 - The Word of God at the Synod of the s - Page 3

2015.11.21. Oh, not even those who have decided to live a holier life, not even they know to work for themselves and keep a holy reward, for the spirit of haughtiness swarms everywhere in the people, and many lose the reward for the things they have worked well, for the mind exalting makes them grow less and less. I have news written in heaven coming up from the earth as though the truth of My speaking from today might be tempted by a bunch of Christians who wanted to be holy, but if they keep on being nourished with the works of their holiness and sounding a trumpet among them and around them so that they may be praised up to heaven, oh, what shall I do with this pride they have got? They believe that are holy and have the right to tempt My coming here, and I, the Lord, at the news sent to heaven by My gates here, (Gates - those by whom the Lord speaks, the Lord comes as word, r.n.) have been telling them this: he who has ears let him hear God when He comes and speaks over the earth. Nevertheless, if their holy ears do not hear, then who else are to be guilty because they do not hear the Lord in the time of His speaking? Oh, this news coming from heaven has given Me a thrill, and with fatherly mercy I am urging all those who work their holiness; I am urging them to have a humble heart and not to reach out their hand according to their desire and reading, for I am coming into the way to give to the one who humbles himself. I am He Who travels from God to man, and I have not told man to come up to heaven, for I am the One Who comes down, because it is written for Me to come, and I want man to come and believe, and in this way to be his coming to Me with his desire so that he may understand then the work of My word. Oh, what else had Samuel better than the priest under whose hand he was living in submission? However, he had ears to hear, and the anointed priest had the faith to take from the Lord through the little Samuel and fulfill as he had heard the word that came for him. And now, I am clarifying the way of My word when it comes on earth and I am saying: The speaker is not greater than the one who receives the word which is given to him, and greater then both is the One Who springs out of His mouth word from heaven to be shared by the speaker of the word, who has years to hear with them. Amen. This is the news, which I, the Lord, give to those who humble themselves to believe in My word of today and yesterday, whether they are priests or common people, no matter who they are, for when Moses’ brothers wanted to be like Moses, that is to be God’s speaker, oh, they suffered from the sin of their pride, because the holiness of the heart lies in great faith and then in the humility of spirit of every holy man who does not tempt the Lord. Sons, sons, I am in the air here with the angelic hosts ready for celebration. I am blessing the assembly of those that are in heaven together with those that are on earth. I am blessing those who are invited to the table, for it is remembered here on this day the world of those asleep. Oh, there they are at the table here, taking pleasure over the view of the spirit, taking and sharing one another, and then giving to those who do not have part of memorial because of the lack of people to remember them. Oh, rejoice over My mercy, you, those who wait to be with the Lord here at the table. Take from the table to which you have been called and remembered to come, for we all are at the table. Pray, therefore, for those who do not forget you and bring you before Me to your heavenly comfort, sons. Oh, pray for those who remember you and ask Me for heavenly pro- tection, My protection over My citadel of word and over the Romanian country, the country of 3