The Word of God in Romania 2015.11.21 - The Word of God at the Synod of the s - Page 2

2015.11.21. the spring on this day year by year, and now I am lowering down on the table of today the glory of My word and with it a am rejoicing the angelic armies, gathered here with Me and with you, and with those who love to come at the Lord’s feasts and His saints’ in this citadel where I have set My coming as word on earth. The town of Pucioasa is the citadel of My word; it is the place where I, the Lord, declare with My mouth the word on the hearth of the Romanian people and I speak with this nation and become a written book, and I have distributors who set Me on the way so that all who want and all those who do not want to be able to find Me, and this is My will: to speak and to let My speaking be known, even if many mind only their business, which they have got used to and do not appreciate their soul and do not appreciate God, from Whom all men have life and protection for life. Nation after nation is born and appears on earth, and it passes likewise, leaving many sins behind, on the places where it has passed and where it has lived, and after several tens of years, from time to time, there comes the wrathful payment, the work of the sins of those who commit sins on earth in the time of their life, (See the selection topic: „The great trib- ulation 3 ”, r.n.) when they must have work holiness, and leave blessing over the places where they live, but behold, they incur upon them wrath by their works, and from time to time, wrath comes on earth among people, but who is to tell them how to number their years and their work in the time of their living, which is so fleeting, as they work very little for their eternal things, who keep in them the kingdom of the heavens, the Lord’s pleasure in man and around him, the work which gives eternally life and salvation so that man may have a holy place after that, a place prepared by his own work on earth. (This Word comes a couple of days after a series of eight terrorist attacks from Paris, when the most disastrous of them took place at a rock concert of the band “Eagles of Death Metal”, where the result was almost ninety dead people, r.n.) I am setting much peace over the day of the feast of the angelic armies and over the day of their chiefs. I am coming to meet those who come at the table of synod of angels to welcome them and to give them of My word and the glory of My angels. Oh, peace to you; peace to those who love God, looking after His glory here! My word keeps coming always, as I have always shared it with you, oh, faithful sons. Oh, take care to make My will all the time. You should always spend as though you were always face to face with Me and with My saints, as only in this way you are to please the Lord, and you should learn what pleases Him and know it by heart, as some good people who have so much holy teaching, springing from My mouth during these days. Oh, keep away from the wrath on the earth and on the people and stay away from the works without God of the people who have separated themselves from God by their sinful works, as behold, their works follow them and bring wrathful payment and they bring them sufferance and fear, too, (Fear provoked by some other alarms of terrorist attacks in Belgium, Germany, - where a football match between Germany and Holland was canceled and when the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, and some other officials were evacuated “in safety,” r.n.), and I suffer, I suffer with all the saints because man does not love God within his life on earth. 3 You can also see on:!ZdNAWCrJ!tZRZEVt9j8bYfhGVV8XjwxlR8iARJkqtNjHVEka7guk 2