The Word of God in Romania 2015.08.28 - The Word of God at the feast of the A | Page 2

2015.08.28. moves your heart, your mind and love, and Christians from all over the country have come to you to see My glory with you, and their heart are being filled with thrill here with you, sons. Oh, you do not know how to make Us glad, how to comfort Us, those from heaven, and those who believe in My coming of word to you, and that you may comfort Me, the One Who lack so much love from man, sons. I am speaking to you gently, to those who appreciate My place chosen here and the sons of My word. Oh, may your love for Me be sweet for you, and the faith for it too, as without love faith cannot bring forth its fruit, oh, it cannot, sons. I am giving you comfort for the tiredness of your travelling to come to stay for a moment with Me and with those from heaven here, under the white tent, the Tent of Meeting, where We are welcomed so wonderfully, sons. We are coming from heaven and you are coming from the earth travelling to this place to meet together and to get sweet- ened as in heaven, as the table here is from heaven, it is as in heaven and We receive here from its joy. Oh, sons, the people on the earth have their joys. They cannot live with- out sin, oh, they cannot without this ly- ing comfort and without its joy, for the hell is on earth, well sons; it is there where one sins against the love of God in people, and there is no other hell, and what the people say that the hell is after the life in the body, there is only the reward for the things worked by man in a satanic way on earth. However, you cannot live without the Lord, without Me, sons, and you run after Me after your joy with Me, Who am the One Who suffers so much from the sinful man, and behold, the heaven is on earth, there where love is and there where there is fight against the love of sin in men, and there is no other paradise, and what people say that the paradise after the life in the body is, there is only the happiness for which the sons of love fight, the reward for those who are worked by man in a heavenly way on earth. Oh, in the world everything is dirty, it is dirty from sin everywhere; it is hell everywhere and in all the houses where I do not have place with man, because the man, who has no longing after the Lord, has become big, sons. Oh, everywhere in the world is ugly for Me, but it is beautiful with you and it is so beautiful for God, well sons, and it will be more and more beau- tiful with you, as you work at this beauty, and you get tired working, always, always working 2