The Word of God in Romania 2015.08.02 - The Word of God at the feast of the s - Page 5

2015.08.02. Your word as great help on earth, and I want in this way to turn back to You and to the saints the people, the fathers, and the children, as it is written for me to do and to fulfill. Since I was born and up to this day, this is what I have been waiting for; that is to fight against antichrist, Lord. Oh, bless this moment of mine as soon as possible, Lord! Oh, arm the people of Your word of today with the graces of Your saints and call this moment upon it so that Your age may come on earth as in heaven, Lord! (See the selection topic: „The end of the world and the Day of the Lord”, r.n.) The people stay far from You and perish because of their lack of knowledge. Oh, help them and help me to turn them back to You too, as it is written for my work of today with You, Lord. Oh, make me a worker of miracles upon people, to make them find You out and to know You in this place where You set the word of Your coming with the saints and its trumpet calling everywhere on earth! Oh, make those who walk with You on the way, make all the people see You for a moment, as they saw You, as they saw us, You, Moses and me, as Your disciples saw us on Tabor, when You removed Your veil and revealed Your brightness, Lord! Oh, sons of Jesus Christ, the Word, Who speaks to you and upon you to give Him further over the earth, oh, little disciples from the end of the time, catch powers, sons, as together with you I have to put down the enemy antichrist, and the Lord Jesus Christ is with us in this battle for the victory of His enemy. Receive from my zeal of fire, as the Lord feeds you with fire, even if you do not know this about His food upon you. The prayer full of zeal is being fulfilled, and let us come together for it and with it, as we have to win over the world on the side of the Lord and we have to save it from the destruction which it works for itself with every passing moment, not knowing what it does and what it does to itself. I am praying to Christ for you and I am saying: the fire with which You had fed me even since I was a little child, take it and feed them with it, too, and set them with power near me, Lord, so that we may prevail against the antichrist, for You are our God, and we are Your people, we are Your work, and we call and praise Your name. Oh, Lord, bring peace to Your saints, for Your saints wait for it! Amen. — Oh, what great love, how great! Oh, how much love you have, prophet! Behold, I unfold My mystery and say: the entire love does not leave man to die, and he who has loved has not died. Those who love do not die, and this is the mystery of those who do not die, and they carry their body and pass with it into those that are not seen and work and they go much with the Lord on earth and do the Lord’s work. Oh, those who love only the Lord are great and immortal in their body and spirit, and you lived only for Me, great prophet. Oh, I cannot refuse the will of your prayer. The fire made you great; it grew you up and it kindled you in prayer and this is how you stayed before Me. Who does something else on earth has weak love and is small in his life. Therefore, I urge you, people of My word, and I teach you not to separate from My Spirit and from the prayer before Me; you shall not separate, neither when you pray, when you work or labor for My glory with you, neither when you eat or walk, or rest; oh, you shall never separate from prayer, and then you will be like fire, you will be like Elijah, the son of the holy fire, which goes in a chariot of fire between heaven and earth, as this it was written for him, to 5