The Word of God in Romania 2013.09.27 - The Word of God at the Feast of the H

2013.09.27. The Word of God 1 at the Feast of the Holy Cross Ascension The Word of the Lord to the Romanian people 2 I am the messenger of My Father, the God Sabaoth, and I am coming as word on the earth over the Romanian people, the word of glory, peace and truth. I am the Son of the Father, I am true God of true God. Two thousand years ago, the Father sent Me on earth to become a visible Man among people and to prove Myself as His Son and to believe in Me all those to whom it will be given from the Father to believe, and now, in the end of the time, My Father has sent Me again as word on the earth. I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, and I am speaking from the cloud, (See the selection topic: „He comes the same way as He ascended: He comes with the clouds 3 ”, r.n.) I am speaking from glory, I am speaking from the Father, as the Father is with Me together with all the heav- enly suites that carry My glory on the angelic wings, on wheels of cherubim in a flame of fire, and the glory of My coming is great. Woe to the one who doubts at the hearing of My word, at the voice of My coming as word over the earth, for the reward of one like this is that of the unfaithful! I am not a fortune-teller and I am not a clairvoyant, but I am with the Spirit of Truth in great work over the earth and over the Romanian people, to which My Father has sent Me. Oh, why Father, are You sending Me to this nation in the end of the time? Tell them Father; tell this nation its story destined from God to carry it before You and before of all the nations on the earth. I want You first to speak to the Romanian people in a day of feast of the cross on which I was crucified when You sent Me on the earth after man, oh, My Father. — Yes, dear Son, I also want what You want, and I say to the Romanian people, that because the people that I had set apart for Us from among the nations of the earth, because this people gave You over to the death on the cross when I sent You to give it light and work it and when it was supposed to receive you on My behalf, and instead of receiving You, it forsook You and banished You from the vineyard 4 , then I, the Father, have given You another bride- groom and land, which is to be only Ours forever. 5 Then I have bestowed on the earth great God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 3 You can also see on: ing_with_the_clouds.pdf!5N8FVJ5Z!JJIiD5ui_quEJbwUD3-r504YDafNB4lks1n2ay3GJsw 4 «But first He must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation». (Luke: 17/25) 5 «Rejoice and be glad, O daughter of Zion: for, behold, I come and will dwell in the midst of you, says the Lord. And many nations shall flee for refuge to the Lord in that day and they shall be for a people to Him and they shall dwell in the midst of you: and you shall know that the Lord Almighty has sent Me to you. The Lord shall inherit Juda His portion in the holy land, He will yet choose Jerusalem. (The Eastern Orthodox Bible - EOB) (“and shall choose Jerusalem again.”- The New King James Version) 1 2 1