The Word of God in Romania 2009.02.15 - The Word of God at the feast of the L - Page 3

2009.02.15. in order to give him My mercy and to make him get up and become a son of God. He who does not rejoice over a sinful man who gets up to come back to repentance, let that one come and learn what it means for man to become Christ’s disciple, Who came into the world to save the sinners and to teach the repentance to the righteous ones. I, the Lord, am full of mercy and gentleness for the man who is humbled because of his fallen life and reach out My hand after him, and I exhort you, My people, to be as much a savior as I am, son, for it is about these works that I will ask you when I come to see what kind of work the man did on earth. Let those who are My people and those who are born from now on be then; let all learn from Me that the sin of envy has its fruit and that all those who commit this sin will be known according to their fruit, for they have the spirit of discontentment, mur- muring, self-love, self-righteousness, his neighbor’s denigration, quarrel, and they also have the spirit of haughtiness from which the lie has been born. I teach you, My people, to be like Me: gentle and humble in heart, merciful and affec- tionate with those who come to repentance, and to be full of patience and faith like the righteous Simeon, who did not doubt that the One he received into his arms he had to testify about was Messiah, the Savior of the people. Behold, this is how one is supposed to believe in God, like the righteous Simeon. Amen. Oh, let the man be righteous in his soul and in this way he will have as a guide the Holy Spirit the Comforter, Who has mercy and gentleness by His work upon man. The broken and humble heart is God’s way to man; it does not fall away from the way because the Lord supports it. It is for this that I have come on earth, My people. I have come for those who are humble and gentle in their heart, for those who are merciful and gentle in their spirit, for those with a fatherly and motherly heart for the fallen creature and without help on earth, for the man is fallen on the earth among thieves of soul. I have always settled on the earth the word of the man’s resurrection, for My spring of word is the river of life, and I give to the man to drink of it if he wants to take. (See the selection topic: „This word is the river of life”, r.n.) It is for this that I have become word on the earth, My people, and this is what I want to work with you before the nations. Keep yourself, son, within a spirit of faith, to be able to believe from God and then keep away from sin, for the sin of envy against God and against those like Him in mercy and affection, this sin has caused many to fall from My little boat with affectionate sons in it. Let your affection be from heaven, sons. Let it be from heaven among you and let you also be from heaven through it. Grow through it to know God’s mysterious ways, for this is how one believes, sons. By it you should love people, for them not for you, and by it you should forgive for you, sons, for he who forgives the one who has gone wrong against him, that one does to himself a lot of good. Amen. Oh, peace to you, sons! I have filled Myself with comfort and with the joy from it be- cause I could speak to you in a day of instruction. Do not murmur and love God and your brothers and this will strengthen you in your watch, sons. Those who are beautiful in their heart and mind are those who know to watch, and always, always I have given you instruction and I get comforted, those from heaven and I, when I speak to you on the earth. My speech is not long, but rather short, sons. My word has got life in it and the life is not much; however, much of it is needed and you should increase it within you from My word, sons. My table with you 3