The Word of God in Romania 2009.02.15 - The Word of God at the feast of the L - Page 2

2009.02.15. those who have been faithful; however, two thousand years ago I said this: «When the Son of Man comes, when He comes again, will He find faith on earth?» (Luke 18:8) I want to get you used to gentleness, My people, for this gift is of great heavenly beauty in the heart of the faithful man. It is the warmth of the holy holiness and then it is its flame. It is this that I would like to sow in the people who try to get up to the glory of My today’s work with you, My people. I have given to so many people the gift and the spirit of gentleness after Me and after you, My people, and they get together with gentleness near My spring in feasts and nourish their faith and life with faith. Oh, pray to receive this beauty, you and all those that will seek to understand what God on the earth within people and with people means, oh, My people. Amen. On this Sunday I am teaching you, Israel of the Romanian nation, I am still teaching you the spirit of gentleness, and I am also teaching you its hostile face on him, for I want to grow you within the work of the Holy Spirit, son. I remind you of My parable of the prodigal son and about his brother, who remained faithful near his father with two sons. Oh, My people, the scribes and the Pharisees did not like My gentleness for the sinners, for I was telling them that if anyone of them who did not leave everything they had got, could not be My disciple, for the salt was a good thing, but if it lost its saltiness, how was it supposed to be made good again? It finds no longer its purpose, neither on earth nor in the manure, but is rather thrown outside. Oh, and who was to listen and have ears to hear from Me then? The tax collectors and sinners; they were staying around Me to listen to Me, and I was disregarded by the Pharisees and scribes, who were murmuring against Me saying that I received the sinners and I sat with them at the table. I wanted to get them used to the spirit of gentleness and I told them about the two brothers, one who went away and the other one, obedient to his father. The youngest of them asked for his inheritance, went for the pleasures’ sake and wore out his life and everything he had until he came to be a stranger and hungry, and then he came to repentance to the gentleness of his father, who had to save him from his destruction. Oh, had the lost son not come back to his father, his father would have not turned to him with gentleness, and you have to learn a great lesson from this, My people, and deep wisdom as well. The man needs to have God come into his way and then to receive him when He comes, then when he falls away from His bosom and then when he comes again bowing his heart to his Father. However, behold, let the man who hears from Me receive great teaching, for the sin of envy is judged from man with God, and it is sin for the man to do so. The eldest son, however, got angry with this father when this one welcomed the prodigal son and then gave him back the sonship honor. Nevertheless, the father wanted to teach him and calm him down and therefore told him: «Oh, son, you are al- ways with me, and all that is mine is yours. But it was appropriate to celebrate and be glad, for this, your brother, was dead, and is alive again. He was lost, and is found». (Luke 15:31, 32) Oh, envy is not good, for it spoils the work of mercy and gentleness and it gives away to the sides the power of repentance from the one who is nourished with this murdering sin. I am He Who judges the man and the man is not supposed to do this. Oh, you who are lovers of God on the earth, you do not have to call to account the way I work, for I am the One Who does this. Oh, keep away from your fallings from God, you, sons, lovers of God! I was sitting at the table with the tax collectors and sinners, and those who were murmuring against Me because I was doing all this, were of the Pharisees and scribes; they were of those who had no gentleness and pity as I had on every man crushed by weaknesses 2