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‘ This Old House ’ Presents Williamson to a National Audience

Goeke ’ 80 Shares Insight With Students in Founder ’ s Day Speech

Continued from page 1 cation is an asset , work hard because that is the secret to success , and finish your education . Education is important because it is the foundation on which you build your future . Is Williamson easy ? No . Is it worthwhile ? Yes .”
He encouraged the students to help one another be successful as students . “ Being a student at Williamson is a challenge and you should help your fellow students overcome the challenges in getting their education .
“ Mr . Williamson ’ s gift was a trade and technical degree and a values-based education . Stick it out and get your education . Drag along the guys who feel it ’ s too tough .”
He also told the students that the school needs them later on when they are alumni . “ When I became a trustee , I asked what our mission was . I was told it is to ensure that Williamson is here for the next 133 years . We need you to also help keep the school here for the next 133 years .
“ We need you to participate in evolving and improving the trade and academic programs . We need you students and the alumni to ensure that the gift Mr . Williamson gave us keeps on giving by staying involved in any form you can . He created the school because he wanted to leave a legacy . He wanted this gift to help as many young men as possible . He realized that education is the great equalizer . That it ’ s hard without an education to make your way forward . His vision for education went beyond the trades and academics , it focused on the whole person , with core values .
“ I , like you , was fortunate to receive a chance to attend Williamson . Williamson was transformational in my life . It made me realize the value of education . It made me a better person . My Williamson education became my foundation for my future , including my career , my family , and my spirituality .”
Goeke explained that he could have gone to a traditional college with a football scholarship , but that he was scared to death of going to college because he didn ’ t know if he could cut it . “ But I knew I could use my hands . I learned first with my hands , then my mind , and then my heart . I gained confidence in myself at Williamson .”
At the end of his remarks , President Michael Rounds honored Goeke with a cube award manufactured by machinist graduate Jeremy Gannon 2W0 and student Creed Norris 2W4 .
In his introduction of Goeke , Rounds said “ He and his wife have helped Williamson at a level that is truly inspiring . They have given their time , talent , and treasure .”
After serving seven years as president and chief executive officer of Milacron , a company that manufactures and distributes plastic processing equipment ,
Goeke started TJG Consulting , an industrial consulting and management services business in 2019 .
Earlier , he spent many years with the Klöckner Pentaplast Group in a variety of positions , including chief executive officer . He began his career at ICI , in Wilmington , Del ., as a technical service engineer , and then went to Hoechst Celanese in Delaware City as a technical service engineer and was later appointed sales and marketing manager .
He earned a bachelor ’ s degree in mechanical engineering at Widener University and a master ’ s degree in business administration at the College of William and Mary .
Goeke joined Williamson ’ s board in 2007 , but only served one year because he realized his job was so demanding he would not be able to fulfill his duty as a trustee . But , ten years later he joined the board again and has made a huge impact . He serves on the Governance , Executive , and Facilities Committees and was an integral part of the committee that developed the campus master plan . He has introduced Williamson to many important people , including Tim Crow , a retired Home Depot executive , who joined Williamson ’ s board . Crow brought in Ken Langone , cofounder of the Home Depot , to be the keynote speaker at the 2021 Commencement .
He has spent many years helping some of the poorest people in Africa as a leader of the Building and Construction Committee of Villages in Partnership , an organization that helps the poor in Malawi , East Africa . As an active participant with their Medical Missions , he is currently leading the fundraising , design , and construction of a medical clinic in the Sakata Region .
In his opening remarks , Rounds said “ It ’ s Founder ’ s Day and a chance to thank Mr . Williamson on his 219th birthday for what he ’ s done . As we get older , we start to think of what legacy we will leave behind . Did we make an impact ? Did we make the world a better place ? How long will we be remembered ? “ Mr . Williamson ’ s legacy is generosity . His legacy is thousands of Williamson men and you students and alumni here . You alumni went out into the world to make it a better place .”
Dr . Michelle Williams , vice president of academic affairs / CAO , in her opening remarks , said “ I am honored to be here with you as we honor the legacy of Mr . Isaiah V . Williamson , our great founder who founded a school that promotes the development , growth , and success of young men . All of our students have the opportunity to learn , to grow , and to be successful .”
Next , Bill Baker , president of the Sons of the American Revolution-Philadelphia Continental Chapter ( SAR ),
along with Steve Kopsick , SAR first vice president , dressed as a Revolutionary War soldier , presented SAR ’ s William J . Yearsley 4W1 Award , to Richard Mac- Mullen , a junior machine tool technology student . [ See full article on page 11 .]
Before presenting the board ’ s awards , board chairman William Bonenberger 7W9 said , “ Remember Tom Goeke ’ s three points - get an education , show up , and work hard . When you are out in the world and apply the school ’ s core values how can you not succeed ?”
He then presented the Isaiah V . Williamson Award to Dr . Al Motley . [ See full article on page 10 .]
In accepting the award , Motley said “ I ’ m grateful to receive this award and to Isaiah V . Williamson for founding this great school . I feel privileged to be a part of this school .
“ The challenge for the students is to invest in each other to the point you realize the importance and value of serving others . You need to help each other get through .”
Bonenberger then said , “ There are days when you have to pull your classmates along or your buddy needs to pull you along .”
He then challenged the Class of 2W4 to graduate all of its members with the help of the seniors and juniors .
“ There is no better trajectory in your life than the one you have been given here . Invest in each other and hunker down and get that education . That will change not only your life and your children ’ s lives , it will also change the lives of your grandchildren .”
He then presented the C . W . Schrenk 4W9 Young Alumnus Award to Christopher Goodman 0W8 . [ See full article on page 10 .]
Goodman said , “ I ’ m grateful for the doors my time at Williamson opened for me , the opportunity it ’ s given me to grow and share my faith , and to develop a successful company . I want to thank first and foremost my wife Melissa . She ’ s been a critical part in me getting through my time here when I was a student and she ’ s had a great impact on the person I ’ ve become since graduating .
“ The mission trips I have gone on have enabled me to grow and get to know a lot of guys over the years . They challenge me to be bold and share my faith and give me the opportunity to do what I love best , use the abilities God gave me to serve other people . That is the most effective way to serve God , seek out the gifts that God has given you and use them to serve others .”
Next , the Artisans , led by Sherre Gaertner , led the audience in the singing of the alma mater . Chaplain Mark Specht 7W7 , gave the invocation and benediction .
Prior to the event , guests joined the students in the dining room for dinner .

‘ This Old House ’ Presents Williamson to a National Audience

Williamson ’ s mission became better known across the country when the popular PBS television program , “ This Old House ,” included a 5-minute segment highlighting students , the shops , and President Michael Rounds speaking about the school , in a recent episode . The segment , part of episode 4321 , was released to PBS stations on March 17 . The show came about after This Old House host Kevin O ’ Connor visited Williamson in November . Impressed with what he saw , he sent a cameraman to the Career Fair and in December a film crew from New England spent an entire day filming the shops and campus and talking with students , faculty , and staff . The episode can be viewed on Williamson ’ s website by visiting the news and events section . Pictured is Levi McCullough , a machine tool technology senior .