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out of a local church and , hopefully , all will stay well . I would have preferred to work remotely from home as we did last year , however , that was not an option given to us this year . All preparers are vaccinated and boostered ( including me ) and I am required to wear a mask when clients are present in the church . Hopefully , that will be enough to keep us safe . Stay well ! Tom ”
Steve Shedlock says , “ Not much to report . My father-in-law is now in assisted living , so we are more able to do things . Hopefully , we can make the luncheon in October . Steve ”
George Miles sent this note : “ Hi , Ed , hope you and the family are all well . Not much to report from Slower-Lower- Delaware . Sharon and I continue to fly to different functions and g-kids graduations and events . During the season , I continue to attend car shows , but sold my ’ 31 Model A pick-up , and am trying to sell my ’ 41 Ford police car . I just got my ’ 38 Plymouth rumble seat coup running for the first time in 18 years and hope to have it show-ready in the spring . My youngest grandson interviewed for a WTS spot in the fall and hopes to know if he made it by March . As a consensus to old age , both my knees need to be replaced , with one scheduled for Feb . 15 and the other ASAP after recovery from the first . Regards , Geo .”
Lew Brubaker sent a short note saying , “ The list is correct for me , I am a life member , and still alive !”
My roomie , Dan Smith , replied : “ Update : I am Linda ’ s primary caregiver and I will admit that it is a lot of detail and work , but some of you have already been through it , so you know . Linda has had dementia for five years . I got my second break Jan . 30 , 2022 , and joined my ski buddy Tracy up in Michigan for a whole week . Linda had ladies take care of her while my stepson Adam dealt with the snowstorm that hit at home . We got 6 ” of snow . I skied five days in a row at different resorts up in Michigan around the Petosky area . I was sore , to say the least , but I made it through the pain in my left leg . I broke that leg while skiing with the Kamikaze ’ s years ago . Had it scoped and it is still causing me issues . After not being able to ski on new equipment for two years , I was determined to get out there . I have slowed down considerably as I am older . The fastest day I recorded on “ Ski Track ’ s ” was 43 mph . I remember when I went 58 mph years ago with the Kamikaze ’ s . Oh , well , I think I am resigned to drinking a “ Bourbon Old Fashioned ” after a ski day . LOL ! I did get to ski FREE two days , as I am over 70 . So far , I have six ski days under my belt this year . I hope to get one more . Love you guys for the memories that we have shared together . Williamson was the BEST thing that happened to this old fart , years ago . Thanks for the memories . Dan Smith ”
Jim Thomas had a prostate operation after experiencing problems for 1 + years . He had his prostate removed , good news was no cancer and just having some follow up treatments .
Frank Johnson checked in to say he is alive and well .
Stacy and I would like to congratulate you all on the excellent 2021 yearly giving record as shown in the latest Williamson financial update booklet . 6W8 continues to be one of the highest percentages of classmates who donate to the school .
Time to put in to your date book , the 6W8 luncheon at Shady Maple Smorgasbord in Honey Brook , Pa ., will be held Wednesday , Oct . 19 , 2022 , from 11:30 a . m . to 3:30 p . m . Most guys get there around 11:00 , meeting out in the large , comfortable lobby and do an early visit before we are taken to our private room . I don ’ t have a cost yet , but without a doubt , our all you can eat meal , non-alcoholic drinks , and camaraderie are worth every penny .
Sorry that the picture of those in attendance at the 2021 luncheon was not in the last Williamsonian . I guarantee you that it was sent in , we were assured it was going to be included , and I was disappointed to not see it in that issue . I will try to get it put into the next issue where these notes will be included .
Stay well , good friends , keep up on your shots , so that we may all get together in October , 2022 ... if not sooner !
Your buddy , Ed

W 69

Philip Lock 105 Seitz Rd . Schwenksville , PA 19473 610-287-7047 Cell : 610-331-6648 plock6w9 @ aol . com
Hi everyone ,
I hope that you all are continuing to be well and adjusting to the many changes that occur as we get older .
Williamson is building a new student activity center and plans to increase enrollment in the future .
Tom Arena is doing well as he invests and manages several apartments in his spare time .
Be calm

W 70 Jack Bendick

113 Stoddartsville Rd . Blakeslee , Pa . 18610 Cell : 570-419-7661 bendick @ ptd . net
Fellow Classmates ,
Winter is coming to an end and some warmer weather is on the horizon . Time to dust off the old golf clubs and fishing gear . It ’ s been a long winter , pretty cold in the Pocono ’ s but a lot of skiing going on .
I ’ m hoping you are all doing well and this COVID virus is on it ’ s way down . I don ’ t know how many of you have gotten covid , but I did in January . Marcy luckily didn ’ t get it . But my son ’ s family all got it but my son . None of us got a bad case . It seemed to last about two weeks and we were all OK . We had the two shots and the booster .
On some good news , Gary Fields ’
daughter Rachel is continuing to get better and better from covid . She was in a very serious state . She has been fighting this for several months . She is now off the ventilator and has been moved to a recovery home where she can now speak and eat solid food again . She is still very weak and recovery will still take some time so keep Rachel in your prayers .
Larry Thomas was able to meet up with Frank Cabala down in North Carolina where Frank was vacationing for the month of January . They had a good time remembering our Williamson days .
Here ’ s another note . Ted Daniels son , Teddy Daniels , is running for lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania .
Please remember Joe Lauck and his family since his wife of 43 years , Martha , passed away on Jan . 20 , 2022 from cancer . She passed away only 98 days from the day she was diagnosed with it . Keep Joe in your prayers .
I know our 50th reunion has come and gone , but hopefully for our 55th anniversary we can again get to meet up together and have some fun with ones that missed the 50th and make the commitment for the 55th reunion . It ’ s coming sooner than we think .
Let me hear from you guys with what ’ s going on in your lives at this time . Take care and God bless .
Jack Bendick B-6 7W0

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Dave Churchman ( Summer / Fall ) 206 Creekside Drive Salisbury , MD 21804-2801 ( Winter / Spring ) 509 Carlos Circle Fort Myers Beach , FL 33931 410-251-8127 © djchurchman @ yahoo . com
Greetings Brothers of 7W2 ,
I hope these class notes find you and your families safe and healthy . Well , for the first time in five years , I don ’ t have to write about our 50th class reunion . By the time you receive these class notes , our 50th class reunion will be history . I look forward to writing about it in the next edition of the Williamsonian .
In the previous edition of the Williamsonian , I reported that Mike Surplus ’ father had passed away . I falsely reported that Mr . Surplus was a graduate of the Paint Shop , and that he had two brothers who were Williamson graduates . Correction : Mr . Surplus was a graduate of Machine Shop and it was Mrs . Surplus ’ brothers , Bob and John , who were Williamson graduates . My apologies to you and your family , Mike !
After submitting my previous class notes , John Koenigsberg emailed me some nice photos of he and his wife , Terri , enjoying their pontoon boat on Raystown Lake . Hopefully , by the time the next Williamsonian is in John ’ s mailbox , he and Terri will be enjoying their pontoon boat again . Maybe Punxsutawney Phil will be wrong this
year and you ’ ll get an early spring . Let ’ s hope !!!
In November , I received a nice photo of Randy Hummel celebrating his 70th birthday ( Nov . 12 ), on a fishing trip out of Point Pleasant , New Jersey . The photo shows Randy holding his catch of the day - three nice stripers . I would guess that Randy and Sandy enjoyed a couple of nice dinners from his catch .
I received a nice email from Craig Walsh in January . Craig writes , “ Hi , Dave - Just finished reading the class notes in the Williamsonian and wanted to share a story . Since I retired , I always wanted to go places that I had not seen . During the summer I do trips with my daughter and my granddaughter . This year we took a trip to the US Open Tennis Championship . That was great but nothing compares to the trip of a lifetime this fall . My granddaughter is in the Downingtown Marching Band at school . This past New Year ’ s Day she performed in the Rose Bowl Parade . My family flew out to California for six days to participate in all the festivities that go with the parade . Despite the pandemic , our plane took off and landed on time , and only 14 cases of COVID ( all were mild symptoms ), were reported out of 500 students , family and friends that went out there . It was an awesome trip with memories of a lifetime . I am looking forward to the class reunion and seeing all our classmates this summer . See you soon , Craig Walsh .” Thank you , Craig , for sharing these awesome experiences . Your granddaughter will never forget her participation in the Rose Bowl Parade . She will be talking about that trip for the rest of her life and even at her 50th high school reunion .
Being in Florida for the winter , I get to see John Young quite often . As I reported in previous notes , John and his wife Carolyn are year round residents of Port Charlotte , Fla . With a son and family in California and a daughter and family in New Jersey , John and Carolyn travel a couple of times a year to each location . On Feb . 7 , my wife Diana and I met John and Carolyn for a nice lunch in Fisherman ’ s Village at Charlotte Harbor .
On Feb . 23 , John and I visited the home of Gary and Diana Biddington at Kings Gate Golf and Country Club in Punta Gorda , Fla . This was a special day as we got to celebrate Gary ’ s 71st birthday . Gary and Diana gave us a tour of their beautiful one-story home which is on the 12th hole of the golf course . Gary is retired from Home Depot . You ’ ve heard the saying , “ He can sell ice to an eskimo .” Well , that describes Gary . Diana is a retired real estate broker who owned her own company in California . Diana is also an accomplished artist with her beautiful artwork displayed throughout their home . After our tour , we all sat outside in their screened-in lanai ( 75 degrees ) and tried to catch-up on 50 years of memories . Soon , hunger pangs kicked-in so we decided to go to lunch . Gary gave us several options for lunch by providing menus for our pe-