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as safe as possible . For that reason it has been closed , or “ off limits ” to anyone other than essential personnel . Feels strange , but Marsha and I have not been on campus for almost three years . It ’ s like “ you can ’ t go home .”
In 2020 we ( 6W5 ) were supposed to celebrate our 55th reunion … then COVID 19 landed and caused those plans to be cancelled . Twice after that we were looking for a “ do over ” - once , on Alumni Day in June , and then again on Homecoming weekend in October . The school had to cancel both of those events and our reunion went down with it .
As of this writing , I have made no plans to “ refire ” our reunion . Some classmates have made it clear that they are not getting on a plane anytime soon . I may just begin talking to the folks at school about our 60th in 2025 . If things improve , maybe we can get together at the Shady Maple or possibly a picnic at the park up here in Bloomsburg , like we did several years back .
Class news ... Bob Raybold . Bob reports that he , Lana , and the family are all healthy . Their oldest granddaughter , Lexi , is getting married in July . She is now teaching and getting her master ’ s degree in English at the University of North Dakota . Her future husband is also a student at North Dakota . Granddaughter Julia is a student at West Chester University , and granddaughter Lauren is at Millersville University . Grandchildren Nick and Ainsley are high school seniors and youngest Jackie is in 10th grade . All granddaughters are straight A students and Nick has a 3.5 GPA . Bob is thrilled that his grandchildren are great students because he says … he wasn ’ t !
Bob goes on to say , “ Now comes his super blessing !” His son Chris and his second wife Heidi have a 10-month-old son , Lucas , who grandpop says is already a genius ! “ To God be the Glory ”!
On a personal note , Bob ’ s job “ went away ” and he can ’ t volunteer at the retirement home so he continues to witness and share the gospel as he walks his dog . Because of his new grandson he is asking God for another 18 years so he can see him graduate from high school . Bob needs to make it to 95 . I believe our God is a God of miracles … may you be one !
Rob Sharer . Rob reports , “ Right now we are all fine , except noticing a definite acceleration of being older , with memory and endurance levels compared to last year .” To that I would say we probably all agree ! Rob had a bout with CO- VID several months ago that was mild , much like a cold with no fever . The four Sharer ’ s sons , daughters-in-law , and grandkids are also doing well .
I did mention in my last article that the Sharers spent last April touring Florida and the month of August exploring the National Parks of the West . Rob and Edie , along with Rob ’ s sister , Pam and brother-in-law , Matt did 8,500
miles and had an unbelievable adventure . But , he said , his big take away was that he was so happy to be living in the east where it is so lush with life and greenery . ( Sorry , Fred , and yes , all that “ greenery ” does have to be mowed ) Having spent his last 40 years in Colorado , Fred thinks we have too much grass !
Edie has recovered completely from the brain aneurysm she suffered last year . The repair has been totally successful . Another praise God and thank you Jesus !
Rob is still working and running his business “ Bathtub Alterations by Sharer .” They had an exceptional year last year . He says 2022 is off to a bit slower start which he attributes to COVID fears . If anyone would like to see what he does they can see it on his website SharerFiberglassRepair . com , then click on the URL , “ Tub to Shower Conversion ( Cut down )” you ’ ll see 50 pictures … each one is a folder that opens to pictures showing the job .
Rob ends by wishing well to all of our classmates and hoping things will improve to a point that we will be able to gather together soon . The Sharers have made the 3-hour drive from Tyrone to make it to all of our “ allowable ” Williamson gatherings , either at the Shady Maple Smorgasbord near Lancaster or to our class picnic at our town park in Bloomsburg several years ago .
John Rosenberger , update from Rosie : Hi , Dick , It ’ s nice to hear from you . I was really sorry to hear about Warren and Danny ’ s passing . They were both in our shop and we spent a lot of time together . Warren was also in my cottage right across the hall from me . I don ’ t know how many of us are left . Well , I ’ m still here and my wife Kathy and I have been waiting out the pandemic by staying home and following the safety guidelines . We are both in good health and doing fine . My daughter Beverly works at Kent General Hospital in Dover and keeps us apprised of how bad or good things really are .
My grandson Joshua will turn 21 in April . Since I taught him how to drive he has gotten himself a nice car and a good job working with computer security . I ’ m lucky because he is the one to solve all my computer problems . My granddaughter Emily is 14 and is getting ready to graduate from 8th grade with distinguished honors . It ’ s great she is finally back in “ at school learning ” after over a year of at home online schooling . She really is big into theater productions and my other daughter Ann Marie ( her mother ) does directing for many of the plays . Ann is also the Girl Scout troop leader so we ’ ve had our fill of Girl Scout cookies .
I enjoy reading your articles on our class and hearing how other members of our class are doing . Thanks for all you do . Stay safe and in good health . Rosie
Maynard Stuckey , Hi , Dick , We ’ re

’ 68 Class Gathers at Shady Maple

The Class of 6W8 gathered at the Shady Maple Buffet in East Erle , Pa ., for their annual luncheon in the fall . Pictured are ( from left to right ): Jack Burns , Monte Lawley , Laura Brown , Williamson ’ s director of alumni relations , Dan Maslanik , Stacy Starr , Will Short , Ron Wildasin , Dan Smith and his wife Linda , Sharon and George Miles , and Harold Boyer .
avoiding the harsh weather of our Michigan summer home and hibernating at our winter abode in Richmond , Va . The weather patterns seem to be as much as 30 degrees difference between the two . Currently , I ’ m caregiver for my wife . She has dementia and is not handling it very well . I ’ m dealing with the usual old man stuff - need two surgeries currently . Will update later . Maynard
Dan Norton : As Dan ’ s classmates , we have already received a condolence card from Williamson notifying us of Dan ’ s passing . My last class article had already been submitted so I was not able to write about him , but the school was able to get his death notice in the memorial section of the Williamsonian . So , let me say , it is with deep sadness that I tell you of the loss of our classmate , the Rev . Daniel Norton , or Danny Norton to us . Like Warren , Danny was in Dec Shop and , as Rosie said , “ we spent a lot of time together .”
This is his online obituary : Daniel H . Norton , Jr ., 77 , of Manheim , passed away Friday , Oct . 22 , 2021 , at the Well- Span Good Samaritan Hospital . Born in Nicholson , Pa ., on Sept . 10 , 1944 , he was the son of the late Daniel H . Norton , Sr . and Lillian Sherman Norton . Dan lived a life devoted to serving God . He retired from being the pastor of Grace and Truth Bible Church in Hummelstown . He had served as a missionary in Puerto Rico from 1980-85 . Dan was a graduate of Lackawanna Trail High School , Williamson Trade School , Rio Grande Bible Institute , and Bob Jones University . He loved to be outdoors where he would hunt and fish . He also enjoyed doing puzzles and playing games .
Dan is survived by his wife , Lois A . Norton , whom he married on June 19 , 1965 ; three children , Laurie Brown of Delaware , Sheri Cotuna of South Carolina , and Daniel Norton III husband of Kristen of New Jersey ; eight grandchildren , Megan , Rebecca , Evan , Elise , Asher , Olivia , Kendall , and Miranda ; and four siblings , Sharon , David , Steve , and Lezlie ; and two great-grandchildren ,
Wyatt and Stella .
Dan and Lois met while we were students at Williamson and you may notice from Dan ’ s obituary they married the day after we graduated . In 1970 , Dan and Lois accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and went on to a 50- year ministry together that ended with Dan ’ s last breath .
Thirty years ago at our 25th reunion , our class had a Sunday morning church service in the chapel at school . I had asked our classmate Pastor Dan Norton to deliver the message for that morning . If you were there you may remember how he started his message . He said , “ I ’ m only going to get one shot at you guys and I am going to take it now .” He went on to deliver a salvation message , sharing the gospel with his classmates and their wives who he was deeply concerned about . Thirty years later , he recently sent a letter out to his classmates with the same concern … that they would know Jesus !
On Oct . 12 , 2021 , Ron Richardson was having his annual “ 5W4 and Friends ” Williamson gathering at the Shady Maple . Recently the Class of 6W5 has joined in and had a pretty decent turnout and it has turned into a fun time seeing our classmates ( fun because Gabe usually comes ). Dan and Lois have usually attended this gathering . The night before the luncheon , I had a voicemail message from a very sick Lois Norton saying that she and Dan both had COVID . She said Dan was in the hospital and might not “ make it .” She said the latest protocol was to have Dan on his stomach for 18 to 20 hours in an induced coma . This I believe was when they were both about two weeks into the virus . Two weeks after that I received an email from Lois that started , “ We buried Dan this morning .” I was so shocked I went into our bedroom and cried . If we don ’ t get to do anymore reunions here , I hope you ’ ll be at the one in Glory . Danny “ took his best shot ” at you and hopes to see you there . I too , hope to see you there !