The Werk Book! Daily Planner (4) - Page 2

WAIVER FORM Class Exposure Trip X Hey boos! So, for those of you wondering, "Mani, where are you going with this and why do you have me writing so much?" Well, because, when you write down your goals and create an action plan, you're able to hold yourself accountable.  Write your goals down, then say them aloud because there's is power in the tongue---and if you really wanna be about it, get you a "Glo Up Buddy," a friend who's on the same wave as you. Share your goals with each other, motivate one another and hold each other accountable. When the other is slacking tell them to do better, because collaborating is way more powerful than competing. Enough of the lecture tho'. Check out this Youtube video I made a while back where I explain the "Glo Up" challenge, ramble about writing your goals down and randomly dance lol. Watch Here!