The Well Magazine Summer 2012 - Page 8

Living Well Laying aside the weight... By Beverly Moore t has been hard to wrap words around this journey. I cannot tell you where this journey began because there have been so many stops and starts along the way. You resolve at the beginning of the year to make changes, get off to a good start and then life happens--usually about a couple weeks into the new year and if you’re really good you make it at least a month. This time around it started right after a doctor’s visit. I had just lost my job and wanted to get a physical before my benefits ran out. I weighed in and at that time I was tipping the scales at 297 pounds. I was shocked because I couldn’t believe that my weight had ballooned up to almost 300 pounds. It was very sobering. My family has I KNEW THAT I HAD a history of high blood pressure, TO LOSE WEIGHT obesity, and just poor lifestyle habits FOR MY PHYSICAL such as overeating and anger manBODY TO BE agement issues that turned inward and into depression. I saw even with HEALED. BUT I my own situation-- job stress and COULDN’T HAVE then job loss-- the effects of such IMAGINED HOW issues. I knew that I had to lose weight for my physical body to be MUCH OF MY healed. But I couldn’t have imagined HEALING WOULD how much of my healing would be emotional. I had to heal from past BE EMOTIONAL. and present rejection and disappointment. Part of the weight loss journey was facing myself and learning to accept my family and most importantly, Beverly. I also had to learn how to let go of my mistakes and accept my short comings but also appreciate my strengths. I had to learn how to accept and receive God’s love for me. I had to learn, and I am still learning, to accept His word as truth for me. It’s one thing to have Bible knowledge, to be able to quote Scripture, but the real power lies in really being able to truly accept what the Bible says and receive God. He is not mad at you or me. As a matter of fact He loves us. What grieves Him is when we don’t believe. The Well Magazine / Summer 2012 8 I My current weight loss journey started at LA Fitness. I had joined the gym in 2009 after determining that I was going to start the year off right. But life happened. I had learned from a previous weight loss battle that I am an “all or nothing” kind of person, meaning that I go into something head long and I either do it all the way or not at all. So, I started strong but petered out mid-year and the weight came back with a vengeance due to At her heaviest, Beverly stress, poor eating Moore weighed almost and sleeping habits 300 pounds. as well as lack of exercise. I had also given myself a lot of excuses. “I’m too busy” “There’s no time in my schedule.” “My hair…I cannot work out because I have to look good for work.” “I don’t feel comfortable at the gym. People look at me funny and wonder what the heck am I doing here.” God took all of those excuses and threw them out the window. My doctor told me at my physical, “You need to make losing weight like a full time job.” I followed doctor’s orders. But I had to overcome strongholds in my thinking that kept me from progress in the past. Most notably, I had to get over my self-consciousness about working out around people. My previous experience at LA Fitness wasn’t a good one so it gave me an excuse to stop. When I began to get serious about working out, however, the Lord surrounded me with people who actually cared. I appreciated the trainers and staff at LA Fitness because they kept me accountable. If they didn’t see me in a couple of days they took notice and I appreciated that. I also began to connect with people who were like me, people who were not already fit but striving to make it right. I began to build alliances with people who kept me accountable and we