The Well Magazine Summer 2012 - Page 16

Transitions How going natural set me free By Monica Fountain ransition is the hardest part. Transition is the hardest part of giving birth. Transition. The in-between time. The not there yet. The “I don’t know where I’m going or how this is going to turn out.” Transition is painful. Transition is crucial. Transition is the cusp of possibility and fulfillment of a long-awaited and anticipated dream. Transition is probably the most dangerous time of labor and in a woman’s life. During transition you are at the brink of death and at the beginning of life. Transition is the pain of being ripped apart to bring forth something new. You have no control of your body but at the same time you are in control. You have no control over when the pain of contractions will come, but you have the training and natural instinct to push. To bring what has been inside of you to the light. I’m going through some transitions. T T Born Free Press and Curl he hair on top of my head is the most visible, tangible and symbolic form of my transitions. I’ve gone natural. After decades of relaxing 16 The Well Magazine / Summer 2012