The Well Magazine Summer 2012 - Page 12

As soon as they met, Goings invited Nova to dinner which struck her mother as unprofessional. Within a week, he had asked Nova to move in. Henry said her daughter was vulnerable and looking for support and relief, weary of the constant court battles with her ex. “He gave her the sense that he would take care of her and protect her,” Henry said. She didn’t know that the relationship had turned violent until the day Nova showed up to pick up the chilLeft, Yolan Henry feeds her infant daughter, Nova. dren, wrapped up in a scarf and long Above, Yolan holds her grandson Noah. Below, Yolan and Nova at Nova’s baby shower when she sleeves on a summer’s day and covwas pregnant with her daughter, Ava. ered with bruises. “I told her if you have to hide, someNova, 24, and thing’s wrong.” her 9-month Something was definitely wrong. And it was only going to get old daughter, worse. Ava, had been She would leave him and move out. But she would come shot in the back when he threatened to harm her family. He kept her away head. Goings from friends and family. He locked her in the house. was charged “Nova was a strong spirit,” Henry said. “When I saw her get with first deinto the relationship, I saw that spirit disappear. When I would gree murder look at her sometimes I would tell her, ‘Baby, where are you? I and now sits don’t see you. I don’t feel you. “ in Cook Nova would reply, “Mom, I don’t know. I don’t feel me anyCounty jail more.” awaiting trial “When she would tell me that it would just kill me inside,” for the murHenry said. “All she could tell me was mom don’t give up on ders of Nova me. I said I’ll never give up on you.” Henry and her Finally, her mother told her that she felt Nova’s two-year-old daughter, Ava. son Noah and her infant daughter Ava were in danger, so that if she didn’t get out of the situation, she would take action and take the kids. Nova decided to move. She had had enough. She If you have to hide, something’s wrong had to climb through the window to get out of the locked house and her parents moved Nova and her two children to a Henry introduced her daughter to Frederick Goings. condominium in the South Loop of Chicago. Nova was embroiled in a legal battle with the father of her son, But Goings was ever present. He sent her messages to let her Eddie Curry. Curry was her high school sweetheart and a first know he was watching her. He would park outside her new round draft pick of the Chicago Bulls. Nova was seeking child townhouse. She would go shopping with her mother and he support for their son Noah and Curry was seeking custody. Nova would arrive within a few minutes and harass her. So, she also was pregnant with her daughter, who she claimed was fastopped going out, becoming a prisoner in her new home. thered by Curry. One day, he walked into her new home, unannounced, just to Curry had a multi-million dollar contract as an NBA player and let her know he could always get to her. could afford the best attorneys. Yolan Henry met Goings who He threatened to kill her. was a young attorney who seemed like he was “hungry” and who Days later, Nova Henry was dead. would fight on her daughter’s behalf. “I told her to keep it business,” Henry said. The Well Magazine / Summer 2012 12