The Wedding Playbook Volume 1 - Page 76

Maree and Josh’s tips: 1. Don’t pick a venue unless you absolutely love it. 2. If you want something as part of your wedding, do it! At the end of the day this is your day and you need to make sure you aren’t going to look back and wonder, “What if?” 3. Don’t pick the dress too early - you are bound to change your mind! Find out the timeframe your favourite dressmaker usually needs to create a gown and work backwards from the wedding date. 4. Add some contingency into your budget. 5. Take a week off work before the day to make sure any last minute jobs are taken care of and you have time to relax with friends and family. 6. Put together a run sheet for the day, setting out what people are doing hour by hour. Give a copy to your wedding planner, MC and bridal party.