The Wedding Playbook Volume 1 - Page 63

how did you prioritise each project? what was your favourite project to work on? It was just a matter of keeping it all in perspective by making sure I didn’t get too attached to the superficial stuff. I told myself very early on that even if the dresses didn’t work, the cake was a flop and the flowers all died, I would still be there marrying my best friend. If I had to choose it would be the things I got to do with other people - making the invitations with my daughter, finishing the piped lace on the cake while my sister cooked dinner for us, and arranging the flowers the night before with my sisters, best friends and a bottle of wine. how did you include friends and family? anything you would have done differently? My daughter, Amy patiently made 50 origami hearts and my sisters made lace pom pom decorations. Hayden hunted the op-shops for the wishing well suitcase, made the ‘H+B’ letters for a backdrop and my son Joel painted them. Allowed more spare time for the unexpected, last minute things as there were a few surprises like my dress not fitting!