The Wedding Playbook Volume 1 - Page 19

An hour and a half of actual shoot time (not including travel time) for your bridal party and couple portraits is really cool! Make sure your guests understand this so you don’t have to concern yourself with how they’re doing while you’re away, or else you may find it difficult to remain focused on the session. “ what is the best time of day to shoot? Magic hour! About 45 to 50 minutes prior to sunset and 10 to 15 minutes after, depending on the location. It’s when more colour is visible in the sky (unless it’s completely overcast), and there are less shadows which is a lot more flattering. If you wish to make the most of this light, I suggest starting your reception 30 minutes after sunset. Any photo location can work as long as there’s chemistry. “ how much time is ideal for the post ceremony photo shoot? what are the elements that make for a good photo location? how can couples get the most out their wedding photography? I’m probably not the right guy to answer this question. If my clients said to me, “We want you to photograph us at a refuse tip,” I’d get excited. For me any location can work as long as there’s chemistry. Love is more attractive than anything else. Enjoy the moment, soak everything in and let yourself shine - it’s your wedding! Fill your heart with joy and trust that your photographer will capture it. If you find yourself thinking, “Am I doing the right thing?” shake it off and remember that you are allowed to be who you are.