The Wedding Playbook Volume 1 - Page 14

Sources of inspiration: “Who doesn’t love a good Pinterest board! Online blogs and wedding magazines were very helpful too. I loved when all the ideas in my head became real - we didn’t follow any tradition and just got to be as creative as we wanted.” The week before the wedding: “The anticipation is the best thing. We were so excited and our kids too, it was a lovely time with friends and family. Personal touches: “We chose a significant date - it would have been Neil’s grandmother’s 75th wedding anniversary! We also had a ‘first look’ photo shoot and held a candlelit ceremony. My three year old son walked me down the aisle.” “For our guests we had a polaroid station and retro typewriter for messages. We planned a dessert table instead of a wedding cake and made all the candles and flower arrangements. I had such a fun time choosing the flowers at the markets the morning before the wedding and making the bouquets and bunches with my friends.”