The VOICE of LMS Issue 8 • June 2017 - Page 7



of LMS

by Adaa Karanwal - 5th grade

They were scared of her

Scared of what she knew

For among the darkness

She said light would come

Trapped inside buildings

Looked over by lamps

They all lived

In their make-shift camps

She spoke with a surety

Insisting light would come soon

But none of them believed

In freedom from their cocoon

Locked in the darkness

It thundered and rained



The girl had gone insane

The day she left them

Her words came true

Dawn had risen

And everyone knew

She was the one

The one that was right

The one who made

The whole earth bright

From out of the darkness

The people came

The girl had been right

They praised her name

The girl lives on

Leading the light

Giving people hope

Each day and night

Her Light

by Isabella McClellan - 7th grade

The Champion of Computer Games may not be who you think. The Champion of Computer Games is...a CAT. Socks the cat, to be more precise.

Socks is a cat who loves playing on Derek’s computer. Derek still doesn’t know how Socks manages to type and move the computer mouse with his bare paws. It’s probably just one of those mysteries of the world. He is especially good at games such as Call of Duty. Although he is talented, there is a problem. HE NEVER GETS OFF THE COMPUTER.

Due to this, Derek doesn’t get a lot of time on his computer. If he tries to get on, Socks will go completely ballistic. This ranges from scratching to a full-on Kung Fu Cat! So one day Derek decided that if you can’t beat them, join them.

The next day after Derek got home from school, he grabbed an extra game controller to plug into the computer. They began to play. Socks was, of course, winning the game when Mittens trotted in. Derek had TWO cats. Mittens was jealous of Socks. He felt that HE should be the “special one”. The best he could do was jump from the couch to the coffee table.

Mittens decided to take a crack at the game. He kicked Derek off the computer and grabbed the controller. Once Mittens started playing, he was almost instantly good. Derek was once again amazed at the cat’s ability to successfully use a game controller.

You could tell Socks was getting worried, because of the frantic look on his face. Wait, can cats look frantic? Anyways, Mittens was kicking Sock's butt. He developed an evil look in his eyes. Who knew something so cute could be so devious?

Finally, Socks has an idea. He had been saving “hope” in his game inventory for months. Saving it for a desperate time. Saving it for a last minute resort. Saving it for a player worthy of his might.

He hit the quit button. THE CHAMPION OF COMPUTER GAMES ACTUALLY HIT “QUIT”. He did this because he and Mittens both knew that with no player for Mittens to fight, there was no way he could really win.

Mittens was outraged with Socks cleverness. He was as mad as a kid with no presents on Christmas. He sprinted out of the room, shouting,

“Meow, meow!” which in cat language means,

“I’ll be back!”

Derek and Socks looked at each other. They thought about what he had said. They knew he would be back. They knew he would forever want revenge. But for now, Derek and Socks will just keep on playing computer games, and they know they can rely on the quit button to bail them out.

The Champion of Computer Games

by Anita Palys - 6th grade