The VOICE of LMS Issue 8 • June 2017 - Page 6


Help Girls in Africa

by Abigail Pauls - 7th grade

by Micah Hawxhurst - 5th grade Grade 8

I am raising money for African School Assistance Project (ASAP). ASAP raises money to give girls that live in Africa, a chance to go through secondary school. Right now ASAP, is working on their Kupunda Project. The Kupunda (meaning to raise , to grow, to cultivate, in Swahili) Project is giving girls in Tanzania a second chance.

In Tanzania, the dropout rate of girls is 96% before lower secondary school. Girls who finish secondary school are more likely to delay marriage (leading to healthier kids), get better paying jobs (strengthening their country's economy), and reducing their risk of HIV/ AIDS. Help me help these girls get though secondary school.

You may be wondering why I am doing this. I have my Bat Mitzvah this year and part of the process is a "mitzvah", which is a good deed.I choose to do this because I think all girls no matter where they live should get an education.

Go to: gofundme/helpgirlsinafrica to learn more.


of LMS

Big Journey, Little Bird

by Trinity Hilton - 5th grade

Recently, most birds have

made their migration back from where

they roosted in the winter, to their

homeland to raise young. But did you

know that a little hummingbird that’s only

2 inches long, makes a nonstop journey

of 500 miles across the Gulf of Mexico?

Yep, it’s true, the Ruby-throated Hummingbird makes that big journey in an impressive 18-20 hours!

Hummingbirds need to eat nectar

every 10 or so minutes to keep their fast

moving wings going. Than how does the

Ruby-throated Hummingbird travel that far nonstop without one sip of nectar? Well, they start to eat insects and end up almost doubling their weight with fat and nutrients that will be used during their Migration.

It is a perilous journey, with pounding rain and lightning storms, thrashing hurricanes, strong winds, and flailing waves. These dangers can slow down or even kill the little bird.

Everytime I think of this little bird going on that great journey, I’m amazed of it. If your not, think of this, would you make that journey?

It’s not the size of the bird in the journey, it’s the size of the journey in the bird.

Big Journey, Little Bird

by Trinity Hilton - 5th grade