The VOICE of LMS Issue 8 • June 2017 | Page 2

Kitty Karma

by Sam Nichols - 6th Grade

“Quick, get over here.” I said as my friend, Carson arrived. I was going to try to show him how much my cat and I love each other. I was going to try to play with him with his favorite toy.

It was a tiny mouse, about an inch big. It had tiny black eyes and little whiskers sprouting from it’s nose. It made a tiny squeaking sound whenever it hit something hard enough. Also, it had tiny grey eyes on top of it’s tiny head. Finally, it was at the top of a string attached to long plastic pole. It took ages, but eventually we found it.

Now we had to find my cat, which wasn’t hard because he was right in the middle of my Living Room. He was curled up, almost like a loaf of bread. He looked like a tabby, however he had orange stripes going down his back and tail.



of LMS

by Angus Hall - 6th grade

He also had a white spot about the size of a fist under his chin. His striped tail was out to the side and his ears were pricked up higher than ever. He looked up at us, we could see his left eye. In Connecticut he got into fights with a white cat. One time the white cat must have scratched him in the eye. It is all torn up there now and he has to blink with his third eyelid. We moved closer to him, completely unaware about what was about to happen.

I knelt down and began to shake the mouse in front of him. He got into his pouncing stance. He was low to the ground, his eyes darting left to right as I moved closer and farther away from him. Then, he quickly lashed out his razor sharp claws and they met my small, skinny arm. Not only did he hurt my arm, he hurt my feelings; I was so offended. He also embarrassed me in front of my friend. No more catnip for him. Some blood started to seep from my arm. I went down the hall to the bathroom where I rinsed it with ice cold water.

When the bleeding stopped, we went and played tetherball I lost. Later that night, I looked back on the wonderful day I just had. I realized I learned something that day, that toy was not my cat’s favorite.

Flowers are blooming

Birds are singing

Children are playing

Teens are laughing

Grass is growing (kinda at least a little)

Water is flowing (not really )

And hopefully it stops snowing and gets warmer

Is Spring Really Here?

by Angus Hall - 6 th grade