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Celebrating over 15 years as a provider of luxurious linens, family-run Comphy Company prides itself on delivering the

high-end quality products, specialty service and industry expertise that have been at the forefront of the business since day one.

Mia Richardson, Comphy’s Founder and CEO has steered her Ferndale, WA company from a two-person operation into a global, industry-leading business. Her story dates back to when she, as a young girl learned about textiles first-hand from her mother. With a discerning knack for quality and lots of tenacity, Mia recognized a need for innovative, luxurious linens for the spa market.

Years of research and development earned Comphy the reputation as a world-class spa linen company. Mia, a highly respected industry powerhouse expanded Comphy to include several divisions and product lines for hospitality, retail shops, home, and a baby line. This commitment to quality remained consistent with the ever-important signature softness that customers requested. Comphy’s full line includes sheeting, duvets, pillows, throws, towels, robes, knits and décor items in an array of styles and colors. Comphy’s baby line includes sheets, blankets and essentials for cribs and bassinets.

The family tradition that began with her mother has been passed on to Mia’s daughter Jessica Carrington, Director of Sales and Marketing, who has been with the company for 10 years. Jessica’s husband Rhyan Lopez is Director of Production and Logistics. Clients can expect nothing less than an unwavering commitment to exceed expectations at a company built on personalized service one customer at a time.

Comphy has become a global leader in the production and supply of quality linens to selective customers. “Today’s travelers are looking for a different experience that is special and indulgent,” says Mia. “A big part of that includes an exceptional night’s sleep on the decadent softness of a cozy bed. Comphy helps deliver that.” Mia explains the results of a recent sleep study showed people sleep two hours longer, fall asleep faster and wake up less frequently when sleeping on Comphy sheets.

When guests sleep on Comphy linens and ask where they can purchase them for home, Comphy can help with that too. Mia explains the company offers innkeepers options to provide Comphy in retail shops. Comphy can also drop ship products to guests’ homes, which means extra profits for innkeepers before their customers are out the door.

Comphy’s ability to survive in an ever-changing industry requires expertise and in-depth knowledge to give customers what they want. Science and passion go into developing product lines and thanks to a forward-thinking approach, the company consistently manages to stay ahead of trends. When asked about the secret to Comphy’s longevity, Mia’s answer is simple. “We are committed to our customers. No is not an option. We do everything possible to deliver a total experience to our customers to keep them coming back. Our business is not just about profit, but partnership.”

“The true measure of quality first and foremost is customer satisfaction,” adds Jessica. “We live and breathe the business every day, and we are driven by our passion to deliver exceptional customer experiences for a restful night’s sleep. Our customers are at the core of all our business decisions.”

Comphy supplies top quality products and distinguishes itself by ensuring a vast selection. Comphy is a one-stop linen shop. “Other than the bed frame and mattress, we outfit beds in any size from the mattress pad all the way up to the throw pillows,” says Jessica. Comphy linens are eco-friendly, sustainable, recyclable and durable.

Known for its customized service, Comphy’s in-house representatives provide personalized client support. The dedicated team also works to match themes and complement décor. Comphy helps with fabrics and prints to coordinate looks with added touches like matching fabrics in shams and dinner trays to complement décor. An in-house consultant helps diagnose laundry concerns and provides solutions for clients.

Mia says she feels blessed to be in business with her daughter, son-in-law, and employees who are like part of the family, and that her grandchildren may one day carry on in a business she started. “The culture of family gives value to everything we do.”

Comphy Company

7034 Portal Way #110

Ferndale, WA


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“The true measure of quality first and foremost is customer satisfaction”

Quality and Service Drive the Success of Family-Run Comphy Company

Quality and Service Drive the Success of Family-Run Comphy Company

By Sigrid Hart