The VoicE 2021 Q1 | Page 2

FIRST word February 2021

Although this is published in February , I ’ m writing my message in January due to submission deadlines . I have spoken with so many of you and I am so inspired with your tenacity , strength and endurance . Keep fighting the fight ...

We are pleased to bring you a feature story on Gold ’ s Gym Support Center ’ s , Kevin Christie . I ’ ve known Kevin for as long as he ’ s worked there but his role has changed with RSG ’ s purchase of the Company and we are fortunate that we ’ re working much more closely with him now . He is a big advocate for the Franchisees and we definitely need that moving forward with trying to collaborate with our new parent company . Be sure to read about Kevin and know that he ’ s got your back !

Being optimistic about 2021 , we are planning to return to some of our signature events we missed in 2020 due to the pandemic . Yay !!! Watch for the return of our four Regionals after Spring in a different format . Last year our goal was to host them with dual meetings directed to one of the groups Franchisees only and the second one to staff . For 2021 , we will host a smaller , more focused meeting in a roundtable format for only owners and their influencers . We also plan to host these in convenient locations suitable for this type of program . BUT don ’ t worry , we will have two Virtual Experiences for your Staff !!!! Just like the highly successful one we produced in August last year . Stay tuned for details coming soon !!!

AND , of course , our signature event , the Annual Owners ’ Conference will occur later in the year . We will be celebrating 20 years this coming August , so watch for a big celebration to happen !!!

Naturally , we cannot do all the above without the support of the sponsorships we receive from SPN members . Look on page nine to check out our partners who will be supporting you this year . And they LOVE doing it !

We have some great articles throughout the publication and hope you enjoy and learn from them . That ’ s the bigger purpose for getting these to you !

Lastly , thanks to the GGFA Executive Team . 2020 was not only challenging for their business like yours , but also for the Brand and GGFA . It was a great team effort to hold things together and make sure the GGFA Stakeholders were informed and supported . Thanks to the awesome GGFA Staff too !

I hope to see you soon !!!

Ginger Collins

GGFA Executive Director