The VoicE 2020 Q4 - Page 25

GGAAC update

Your Gold ’ s Gym Advertising Advisory Council ( GGAAC ) along with the Gold ’ s Gym Support Center Team and the RSG Group have been working collaboratively to support the system as we head into 2021 , knowing that all of us continue to navigate ongoing health and safety restrictions due to

COVID-19 . This includes :

• NEW Photography and Video Assets : In October , the team spent multiple days at Gold ’ s Gym Venice capturing photo and video of real members designed to celebrate our legacy while also bringing the brand into the future . We will be releasing this exciting new suite of photography and video assets in the coming weeks and can ’ t wait for you to see it !

• NEW Q1 Creative Campaign : We will also be releasing a new creative campaign for Q1 built around this new photography and video footage , with a multi-headline messaging strategy designed to give our brand a bold way to cut through the clutter and speak to everyone ’ s desire to forget 2020 and start fresh with a New Year .

• Continued Domestic PPC Support : We continue to provide system-wide PPC support for branded terms funded out of the GGAP . We are currently executing a maximize conversions bidding strategy driving to a conversion-focused “ find a gym ” page . We will continue to shift and optimize our PPC strategy as all gyms fully reopen and we work to return to a system-wide trial or join offer .


Kim Kenyon Co-Chair Dutchess County , NY

Joe Harrison Co-Chair Virginia & Wisconsin

Bryce Berry Colorado , Washington & Wyoming

Mike Krongaard Richmond , VA

A few additional reminders as you finish out 2020 and prepare for 2021 :

• Website / Join Online ( JOL ): Ensure your local gym page on the website is upto-date with your latest hours , health & safety information , class offerings , etc . The ABC JOL integration also went live in September ; visit the “ Website Management ” folder on Brand Center for more information on how to implement .

• Brand Center : Brand Center is a valuable resource that has all the creative , marketing tools and training materials at your fingertips . If you do not have access to Brand Center or need to update your login , please contact Melodie Kizziar ( mkizziar @ goldsgym . com ).

Dusty Mason

Charlotte , NC

Adam Ponzio

Lawrenceville , GA

Kory Price

Pocatello , ID

• Media Relations Hotline : We continue to offer our 24-hour Media Relations Hotline at 817-329-3257 . Through this number we support with proactive media requests ( developing statements , media training , etc .) along with any crisis situations at your gym that may result in negative media coverage or social media posts . Training documents and printable cards with this number to keep at your front desk are available on Brand Center .

• 2021 Gold ’ s Gym Challenge : The Gold ’ s Gym Challenge has been postponed . We are tentatively looking at Spring 2021 for a reschedule . The Gold ’ s Gym Challenge Committee plans to gather additional feedback from the system in January and make a final decision on timing for 2021 based on that feedback . If you have any marketing needs , feedback or questions , don ’ t hesitate to contact the GGAAC member that represents your region .

Kory Price

Gold ’ s Gym Idaho Falls , Pocatello , Twin Falls , ID

Mike Williams

Woodinville , WA

Mary Zampetti

Bridgewater , NJ

Ginger Collins GGFA

Brian Morris SoCal Honorary Member