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now , so that they can deliver them to their current clients . Plus , these are topics that they are interested in soon presenting to their customers . 74 % of these respondents are Group Ex Instructors , 60 % are Personal Trainers and 25 % are Owners , Managers and Directors .

A list of these topics is noted below with the percentage of attendee interest :

1 . Active Aging ( 61.1 %) 2 . Functional Training ( 54.0 %) 3 . Nutrition ( 53.6 %) 4 . Strength Training ( 48.5 %) 5 . Core Training ( 45.9 %) 6 . High Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT ) ( 38.6 %) 7 . Personal Training ( 34.0 %) 8 . Exercise Science ( 33.6 %) 9 . Yoga ( 30.4 %) 10 . Group Cardio ( 29.9 %) many of the programing options will change as well . Interestingly , we have also seen many Fitness Professionals advertising specialty classes that are very popular with their clients and at the Live Stream MANIA ® Conferences .

Club Owners and Managers will also need to pivot now , and into the near future , to ensure the sustainability and success of their facilities . Success will be strongly correlated to those Frontline Fitness Professionals who will become more important than ever in the hierarchy of the gym . The following are some recommendations for Club Owners and Managers , which they will need to consider as organizational leaders :

1 . Connect immediately with your Front-Line Fitness Professionals if you have not done so already . You need to engage them and welcome them “ home ” as part of the family .

4 . Do not require your Group Ex Instructors and Personal Trainers to sign or follow exclusivity ultimatums . You should allow them to work at your facility and continue their own teaching and training . Fitness professionals have determined how to survive during the pandemic without clubs being open . Often , your club members will have loyalty to those Frontline Fitness Professionals , and with reduced incomes , they may look for more affordable options such as working with Personal Trainers at home to avoid paying membership dues . With many clubs permanently closing , including YMCAs and boutique studios , a Personal Trainer or Group Ex Instructor may be able to determine a way to take over the studio and take your members with them .

It is exciting to see how fitness has survived and even thrived during these times and will continue to get the message to the masses “ Fitness is the Greatest Medicine of All ”. However , it is only through our Frontline Workers that we can continue to make a difference to advance and protect the health of all Americans .

SCW has seen an increase in Active Aging with a decrease in HIIT . For all of 2019 , we have seen this trend and this gap has expanded during the pandemic . Functional Training was in SCW ’ s # 1 spot for many , many years and now is # 2 , followed closely by Nutrition which has always been a leader . All Nutrition programming has been strongly regarded throughout the past five years but seems to have recently elevated even more in status . Core Training has always been beloved and remains a favorite . Although not hitting the top 10 , Aqua Exercise has increased in awareness and appreciation . According to the CDC ( Center for Decease Control ) pool chemicals have 6 times the strength to kill the coronavirus . Aquatic exercise participation has increased and will continue to do so as our population ages and we search for safe environments in which to exercise .

The attendances in sessions is also quite eye-opening as a predictor of club and studio trends . Classes that focus on body parts such as abs , glutes , legs , and arms receive a great amount of attention . Specialty training for women is also a winner .

Consequently , not only will the way that Fitness Professionals deliver their services change , but

2 . Do not ignore the value of your Front-Line Fitness Professionals . They are the individuals who service your members and create satisfied customers . The main point of differentiation in any club or facility is customer service . Many owners build clubs with the latest and greatest equipment and fail with poor customer service when another gym with the same latest and greatest equipment opens across the street .

3 . Pivot now and determine how you can best provide programming and specials to retain your members and maintain your staff . While SCW has provided valuable national recommendation , create your own surveys and get your own answers regarding their preferences of programming .

This article was written by Sara Kooperman , JD , CEO and Owner of SCW Fitness Education .

It is choked with valuable statistics on industry trends while simultaneously addressing and analyzing the roles of our Group Ex Instructors and Personal Trainers and the position they play in our recovery . These Fitness Frontline Workers are the heart and soul of our clubs , boutique studios and wellness centers . The members and clients look to them for advice , willpower and comradery . In planning for our recovery from this pandemic , this insightful article reviews the risk of losing these loyal bands of workers to the entrepreneurial edge of independent virtual workouts and sessions . This comprehensive review of what has happened during this difficult time and how we must plan for our future is a must-read for every Fitness Owner , Manager , Director and Professional .

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