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The VoicE Q4

So , a team of researchers did a pretty clever study . Three families were seated at neighboring tables in a poorly ventilated restaurant . Researchers studied videos of the behaviors of the family members during their meal . threat for the spread of COVID-19 is micro droplets from respiration that remain in the environment , there is no more vital step to take than technology that re-moves the virus from the environment .

In cases where the technology is not available , adequate ventilation can help . But it ’ s not enough .

Because micro droplet transmission from exhalation represents the greatest threat of COVID-19 spread .

However , to make a real difference , to keep your family safe , requires removing the viruses from the air .

We Do Have the Technology

How often since the beginning of the pandemic have you heard someone say , “ This is the 21st century !! If we can send people to man a space station , where is the technology to manage this pandemic ???”

It ’ s here .

There was no direct physical contact between any of the people who were being observed .

But 10 people out of the 3 families were infected . Interestingly , no one else in the restaurant at the time was infected , of the wait staff or the other 68 diners . Without di-rect or indirect contact among the people in these three families , the researchers con-cluded the ten cases were the result of micro droplet transmission from talking , breath-ing , throat clearing , etc .

In fact , researchers concluded the poor ventilation and crowding of the three families contributed to transmission by micro droplets suspended in the air .

So , that brings up the COVID parties of last spring . Remember ? When a group of young adults gathered together in an apartment to show they weren ’ t susceptible to the

And available for your home , your schools , your hospitals , your businesses , and your corporations . To prevent the spread of coronavirus . pandemic ? It happened more than once . Ten foot tall and bullet proof … right ? Anyway , multiple people were infected in some cases , probably due to poor ventilation and crowding .

Certainly that was the case in a number of super spreading events that have been documented .

What Steps Can You Take ? This Is , After All , the 21st Century !

Let ’ s be honest with ourselves and our families , that washing hands often , using hand sanitizers , wearing good masks , these are all important and valuable in reducing the spread of this coronavirus , as well as other viruses , too . BUT …

The result of work completed at NASA , and MIT technology initially developed to respond to biological warfare has been made available to you . A system that removes viruses from surfaces and the air so completely you don ’ t even need to wear a mask .

We ’ re talking 99.9999 % removed . Virtually gone . And you breathe clean air that can ’ t make you sick .

What a relief to NOT Wear a Mask !!

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Since emerging studies are showing us that the biggest