The VoicE 2020 Q4 | Page 2

FIRST word November 2020

Well , we did it ! We hosted our 16th Annual Owners ’ Conference last month and had a blast ! And since it is 2020 , we changed things around . We moved from NYC to Las Vegas . Owners and Suppliers attended in person AND we livestreamed three sessions for Owners who couldn ’ t make it ! We met Rainer Schaller and Sebastian Schoepe in person and zoomed Jörg Fockenberg from Berlin ! AND had in person and virtual speed sessions !

Crazy , right !!! Plus , IHRSA ’ s interim CEO / President , Brent Darden , spoke candidly with us about the state of the industry as Joe Harrison found a new passion with interviewing Brent !

Congratulations to Joe Harrison on winning the Bravo Award this year . The Executive Board completely circumvented their policy of not awarding a member of the Board while they are serving . Rightly so with the volume of time Joe put into the bankruptcy and sale of the Company to RSG Group . The thing I know about Joe is his unwavering and loyal duty for you is pure . Plus , he is always throwing in something that will make you laugh ! Very special in this year in particular !

The OC cocktail reception was held outside at poolside ! The weather was a perfect 70 degrees and we all had a much needed pleasurable experience !

Thanks to our OC SPN Sponsors ! Visit page eight and be sure to reach out in support for always helping to make the OC possible !

In this issue , you will find some fun pictures from the event . We also have some great pictures of the newlywed Mrs . Rachel Cuellar and her new husband Chance along with Willy and Kristin Banos !

Q4 for your GGFA Staff is packed just like Q1-3 every year . We work with our SPN members on the upcoming year , review succession planning and develop the next year ’ s educational platform . These are just a few things on our agenda ! Planning is critical and we get focused on it . You ’ ll see more on this as we move towards 2021 .

This publication ’ s articles are from Power Systems , VB Enviro Care , and Sara Kooperman ’ s SCW . Thank you for all the contributions from everyone !

As we go into this last quarter of the year , we are always mindful of the first of the next year and all the activity in the gyms which hopefully will be back on track for the new year . We hope everyone can put the hardships of 2020 in the rear view mirror and pounce into 2021 with renewed inspiration and optimism .

And I want to thank our beautiful , funny and dedicated GGFA Staff for all their support for the Franchisees and Suppliers . This year we successfully developed and executed the first GGFA Virtual Experience which received rave reviews and we will be implementing again next year ! This could not have been done without Deb , Rachel and Tara ’ s commitment to get the job done and done with distinction .

Lastly , thank you to the volunteer GGFA Executive Team ! The devotion and ardor in which they display supporting their peers and the Brand is inspiring and is not without a ton of work and thought .

As we head into the holidays , I personally am very grateful for your continuous love and support . I would not be doing anything else in the world . Thank you .

Ginger Collins

GGFA Executive Director