The View 38002 June/July 2014 | Page 5 theview theview June/July 2014 Lakeland Annexation, Take 2 BOC Requests Revised Feasibility Study of Smaller Area by August Meeting By Terry Louderback On May 8, Lakeland Mayor Wyatt Bunker, the Board of Commissioners, and a crowd of annexation opponents listened to Jim Atkinson, Lakeland’s Director of Planning present the findings of the annexation feasibility study for unincorporated Northeast Shelby County. Atkinson quickly explained that the study presents two scenarios annexing only part of the area. Scenario #1 is areas A&B; scenario #2 is areas A,B,C & D. Area E is eliminated from consideration for annexation by Lakeland altogether. To the palpable relief of the annexation opponents, the feasibility study ultimately recommended against either scenario.. However this relief would be short-lived. Atkinson identified several factors that made providing city services to the area costly and contributed to the recommendation. Firstly, much of the land is classified as “Greenbelt,” which is taxed at a lower rate and would result in less property tax for City of Lakeland compared to residential or commercial property. Estimated annual road improvement costs for annexed area for the City of Lakeland would be $461,000 for scenario #1 vs. $1.09 million for #2 in years 1-5. The Annexation Feasibility study shows capital expenditures would exceed property tax revenue for the first 10 years after the City of Lakeland annexation. The study also shows that the City of Lakeland operational expenditures would exceed intergovernmental revenue for both scenarios. After the Board began discussion of the Feasibility Study Results, Lakeland Mayor Bunker brought up the possibility of commissioning a second study of a smaller area, possibly area A. Commissioner Gene Torrey requested that the new study encompass part of area A and possibly part of B. The exact boundaries of the new area of study were not set by the Board of Commissioners. In the end, a resolution passed unanimously to for the City of Lakeland to complete a new study of an unspecified reduced area for annexation by Lakeland within 90 days. By David Peel on their hands and energy to spare. When they ran out of fun things to try, someone donned a bulletproof vest and great joy was found in shooting the wearer. Turns were taken. Raucous laughter, no doubt, ensued. But, one friend was not quite as accurate as the others. The .22 long rifle bullet, missed the Kevlar protection of the vest, and buried into the young man’s chest. Despite CPR, the victim, in his mid-20s, bled to death. Now the friend, is looking at five years in prison, charged with involuntary manslaughter for the errant shooting. We all did stupid things when we were young. Many jumped off the roof with an umbrella, only to find one does not, in fact, float down gently. Some farm boys urinated on the electric fence, you know, just to see what happened. Few did that twice. Many young men built elaborate bike ramps and tried to jump like Evel Knievel, with similar results to his. But, I