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Page 12 theview theview June/July 2014 lakeland elementary school SCHOOL NOTES Lakeland Elementary Hosts First Annual TCAP-a-thon By Michele Dial, Lakeland ES Publicity TCAP-a-thon participants with winners (front row, left to right) Brent Brightwell, Luke Hubbard, Luke Anderson, Christian Stephens, and Jacob Barber. With hearts pounding and nerves on edge, students raced to be the first to slap their buzzers and see it light up. Each student beamed with enthusiasm to be the one to correctly answer each question and win points for his/ her homeroom team. The week before TCAP week, fifth grade teachers held a series of Jeopardy-based competitions. To avoid loss of attention, teachers strayed from the usual monotonous and boring classroom TCAP review, and decided to “spice” it up with some good, old -fashioned, friendly competition. Each homeroom teacher chose the student with the highest Study Island report in each subject to represent her class in a grade level game show - of the schoolkind. There was one student from each homeroom for science, language arts, social studies, and two for math. Students had fun buzzing in their answers, and in the end, were great sports. The audience was made up of fifth graders who listened intently to the questions and kept an alert eye on the scoreboard!. The teachers were most impressed with Jake Smith who was tied with Brent Brightwell in the science category. Smith lost and then turned to congratulate his worthy opponent with a handshake. Jacob Barber commented “Competing with my teammates was a good way of reviewing for TCAP.” “Mrs. Ortiz made practicing for TCAP fun and exciting by having the entire 5th grade participating…” added Brayden Filsinger. On Friday’s math category, the audience brought paper and pencil to try their hand at the same math questions with which the contestants presented. All contestants received certificates and the winners in each subject received a trophy. Lakeland Students Fight Cancer…With Lemonade By Terry Louderback For Christy Harrison’s 4th of a fellow classgrade class from Lakeland Elemate. mentary School, a project about Lakeland resisalesmanship became a mission dent Jaxon Hindto battle cancer. The class was man, a 6th assigned to apply the lessons they grader at Bon learned from reading Jacqueline Lin Midd le Davies’ The Lemonade War from Sc ho o l a nd the schoolroom to the streets. And former Lakeland in the end, the students are learnElementary ing more than principles of supSchool Student, ply and demand, as they work was recently with their community to raise diagnosed with a Madison Hughes, Jaxon Hindman, Piper Lee, money for a good cause. brain tumor. In the book, a pair of siblings Lizzie Coleman. Photo by Kim Hughes Once the idea learns about marketing and operwas brought up, ating a small business while bat- all of the class proceeds to a Harrison jumped on board to tling to outsell each other with charity of their choice. support the students’ efforts. their lemonade stands. Harrison’s Instead, several students sugIn May, teams of students set students originally teamed up for gested that the class donate all of up four lemonade stands around a similar friendly competition the money earned—regardless of Lakeland and Arlington.. In with the winning team donating which team wins–to the brother addition to lemonade, students sold Pray$Jaxon t-shirts and bracelets. Several local businesses have donated prizes for a charity raffle at the stand. Together, the class raised just over $4000 for the Hindman family with the top team contributing $2,519.62. Madison Hughes, one of the students on the winning team, has already learned one benefit of helping others. “It makes me very happy to help Jaxon’s family, ” the fo urth -grad er said. Madison’s mom, Kim Hughes agrees, “we are thrilled that the lemonade stand is turning into a way to support Jaxon.” Donations may also be made thehindmanfamilyfund. Pre-School In-School Field Trip Mrs. Dorsey’s Preschool Class enjoyed a visit from Ms. Dory from Lichterman Nature Center. Her presentation was about mammals. The kids were able to hold animal skulls and bones, and were also able to feel the fur from a bear, beaver, skunk, fox, and raccoon. They played a game using motions for different animals. Guitar Club Spring Program The Lakeland Elementary Guitar Club performed their Spring Concert on May 8th. Under the direction of Dianne Davis, they played seven songs including “Let it Go” and “Dynamite.” They also accompanied Superintendent Dr. Horrell on one of his original works entitled “Holding on Too Tightly.” Brim’s Field Trip Lakeland’s third grade classes recently enjoyed a trip to Brim's Snack Foods. The students enjoyed seeing in action many of the things they had learned about in the economics unit of social studies. They observed many concepts of a food producing plant: an assembly line, natural resources, finished products, packaging, warehousing and shipping. The students toured the facility and then enjoyed a slideshow reviewing all the processes of the factory and heard about costs and profits