The View 38002 December 2012 - January 2013

inform. educate. connect. Arlington — Lakeland Community Newspaper December 2012 Pink Heals in Arlington Story and photos by Nelia Dempsey and Arlington firefighter, presented Diane with a check from t-shirt sales as well as a check from the teachers/staff at Arlington Elementary School. After Bellevue pastor, Phil Newberry prayed with and for Diane, she was led to sign her name on the bright pink truck by Memphis firefighter Todd Conklin. Diane’s cousin, Chad Wyatt is also an Arlington Firefighter and helped with her surprise visit. Not a dry eye was present on her lawn, as all of us were so touched of what acts of kindness can do to impact the lives of others and what a wonderful close community the town of Arlington really is. For more information on Pink Heals Memphis, follow them on f a c e b o o k o r a t Diane Hannah Marshall, lifelong Arlington resident, who is hard fighting double cancer was totally surprised when the Pink Heals pumper Ida Mildred, and the Arlington Fire Department snorkel showed up at her home with lights flashing and sirens blaring. Her lawn, crowded by friends, family members, and firefighters watched as she opened her front door. Bill Scott, Pink Heals Vice President The Facts Regarding Judge Mays’ Ruling on Municipal Schools Info provided by Shelby Municipal Schools PAC On November 27th, US District Judge Samuel Mays issued a ruling voiding all efforts that Shelby County’s suburban municipalities have made so far in moving toward municipal school districts. However, he did not rule that the eventual creation of municipal schools is unconstitutional; he only ruled that the formation of these schools right now is prohibited. The Court must still decide whether municipal schools can form in the future under the current laws. Below are additional key facts regarding Judge Mays’ ruling: ● Judge Mays’ Order held that Public Chapter 905 is unconstitutional because it violates Article XI, Section 9 of the Tennessee Constitution, which prohibits state legislation that is “local in effect” to one particular county. The Order states that all actions taken to date under the authority of Chapter 905 are void, including the referendum to authorize schools and the school board elections. If municipal school districts are to be formed in the future, the referendum and school board elections will have to done over again. The municipalities are now prohibited from proceeding under Chapter 905 to establish municipal school districts. The trial on the equal protection/racial discrimination claims which was originally set for January 3, 2013, has been continued and no future date has been set at this time. ● Judge Mays reserved ruling on whether Chapter 1(b)(3) of the original “Norris-Todd” bill and Chapter 970 pass constitutional muster under the Tennessee Constitution. These statutes lift the ban on municipal schools after the merger of Shelby County and Memphis City Schools is complete in August 2013. He has ordered the parties involved in the lawsuit to submit additional briefs on this issue for consideration in late December. ● Judge Mays has not ruled that municipal schools are unconstitutional, only that the timing of actions permitted pursuant to Chapter 905 is void. The final determination of whether municipal schools may form depends on the Court’s rulings concerning the lifting of the ban on municipal schools and an adjudication of the equal protection/racial discrimination claims. Inside this Issue . . . City of Lakeland News, p. 4 Town of Arlington News, p. 5 SeniorNotes, pp. 6-7 Business, p. 9 Community Photos, pp 14-15 School Information starts on page 17 Sports on pages 22-23