The View 38002 August 2015

**************ECRWSS**** PRSRT STD ECRWSS U.S. POSTAGE PAID EDDM RETAIL LOCAL POSTAL CUSTOMER inform. educate. connect. Arlington & Lakeland’s Community Newspaper theview August 2015 2015 Municipal Election Coverage September 17 ~ Arlington & Lakeland, Tennessee Last month, The View 38002 contacted the 16 candidates running in contested races for municipal office in Arlington and Lakeland. In each race, each candidate was sent the same Meet Your q ue s tio n s a nd instructions. Municipal T wo on the Candidates A r l i n g t o n By Terry Louderback candidates running for re-election are unopposed: Mayor Mike Wissman and School Board Member Kay Williams (Williams serves as Chair of the Arlington Community Schools Boards, but that position is elected by the members of the school board, not the general public). One candidate, Robert Elliott, Sr. did not respond to multiple invitations to participate. Participating candidates were given a 350-word limit for their responses. The responses printed here are unedited, except for formatting that does not change the content or intent of the answer. The responses are grouped alphabetically by position and separated by municipality, as that is the way that they will appear on the ballot. Lakeland residents will be voting for two commissioners. Commissioners do not hold specific positions, but the top two candidates with the most votes will be elected. The commissioners serve four-year terms. Also on the Lakeland ballot will be two questions relating to the sale of alcoholic beverages in retail stores. Voters will have the option to vote for or against the legal sale of wine in retail stores in the City of Lakeland and to permit or not permit retail package stores to sell alcoholic beverages in the City of Lakeland. In Arlington, voters will choose from candidates for Board of Aldermen positions 1, 2, and 3. Only the top vote-getter in each position will be elected to a four-year term. At The View 38002, we believe that educating the public on the election and candidates helps individuals make informed decisions. While there certainly are many issues that are not touched upon in these questions, we encourage our readers to contact the candidates for more information on their platforms and campaigns. We also wanted to thank the readers who sent in suggestions for questions—we incorporated several into our Q&A. We also would like to thank the candidates for their participation. Responses from the candidates for the Arlington Board of Aldermen begin on this page. And continue on pages following. The Arlington Community School Board candidate response can be found on page 8, accompanied by the Lakeland Board of Commissioners. Lakeland School Board candidate responses begin on page 10. Municipal Schools Earn Top Marks on State Report Card Arlington, Lakeland Named “Exemplary Districts” By Tennessee Dep’t of Education By Terry Louderback After only one year of existence, Arlington Community Schools and Lakeland School System have already received state recognition for significantly improving student performance and narrowing achievement gaps. On August 3, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam and Education Commissioner Candice McQueen named ACS and LSS as two of only 12 districts statewide to earn the “Exemplary District” designation. Arlington Elementary, Donelson E le me n t a r y, a n d La k e la n d Elementary were also announced as 2014-15 Reward Schools for being in the top five percent statewide for overall academic achievement. “We are honored to recognize these Reward Schools for leading the state in progress and performance,” Haslam said. All three elementary schools have previously been honored as Reward Schools. In addition, Lakeland and Arlington were the only districts in Shelby County to rank in the top four districts statewide for the percentage of students in grades 3-8 scoring “proficient” or “advanced” in Reading, Math, and Science, with Lakeland earning the top spot in two of the three categories. Reactions from local educators show they were thrilled with the schools’ results and state recognition of the students’ achievements. Lakeland Schoo l Syst em Superintendent Dr. Ted Horrell said, “These honors are a direct reflection of the hard work and high academic standards of our teachers, staff members, administrators, and school board as well as the commitment of our students and parents to meet those high standards. I could not be more proud of our district.” Tammy Mason, Superintendent of Arlington Community Schools commented, “I am extremely proud of the work that our students, teachers, and administrators did in our inaugural school year. Most importantly, I am proud that our district not only met or exceeded our achievement goals, but we also showed tremendous growth. This is a testament that our teachers are meeting students at their instructional levels. We have laid the foundation to continue our work as begin our second year.” Inside this edition... Happenings, p. 2 Municipal Candidate Q&A, p. 5 Candidate Forum Calendar, p. 7 School News, starts on p. 12 Business News, p. 16 Made in 38002: Dana Harris, p. 19