The Victoria Napolitano Bookstore Pretty, Powerful & Polite written by Victoria - Page 9

Be: Pretty. Powerful. Polite Polite Do not mistake Polite for weak. Polite simple put is having basic manners. Treating people with respect and courtesy. One courtesy I am seeing less of is greeting peo- ple when you walk into a room. Too often, instead of greeting the people in their immediate area people have their eyes glued to their phones and their heads down. In my book, that’s a big no-no. This behavior is disrespectful and should never be done. Especially in a business setting, it occurs so frequently, most people do not think twice about it. Except for the professional executive, standing across the room looking for the next person to promote.. Nothing is so important, that it should get in the way of making a professional entrance into a room where other professionals have gathered. Top 3 Polite actions that can brighten someone's day 1. If possible, take the time to thank the person hosting the event you are attending. It takes a few minutes but it goes a long way. Anyone who has put on an event knows of all the hard work that goes on behind-the- scenes. So many people take it for granted. If you are the one person that acknowledges that hard work, you have made a lasting friend. 2. Hand write a 'thank you' note if the occasion was important. An email cannot replace that common courtesy. You note will stand out more than an email buried in a spam folder. It also gives you an opportunity to add at least one thing you loved about the event and now it becomes a beauti- ful gesture. 3. Give a compliment. When you see someone having a difficult day, give them a compliment. It will go a long way. 9 Victoria Napolitano VNSN.TV