The Victoria Napolitano Bookstore Pretty, Powerful & Polite written by Victoria - Page 5

Be: Pretty. Powerful. Polite Pretty Pretty doesn't mean physical features necessarily. You don't need movie star looks. What you need is a polished, well-groomed appearance. Pretty, as a verb, according to is “to make pretty or attractive.” Pretty doesn't start just before you are frantically getting ready for an important meeting or a date. It begins with being healthy, eating right, taking care of your skin and hygiene. It takes time to be pretty but it is time well spent. Pretty women are comfortable in their skin. They know they are putting their best face forward, and so should you. I promise you will feel better and look better as you develop your personal beauty regime. If you need incentive, here is an important fact—women who take care of themselves maintain their beauty longer and age slower than those who do not. 5 Victoria Napolitano VNSN.TV