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PROLOGUE “Of course,” the nurse replied. Expertly taking a small cup from Seth’s hospital tray. and pouring water without missing a beat. During their conversation, the woman sitting in the lounge chair abruptly stood up and rushed to the side of Seth’s bed. “Seth!” The woman exclaimed! Seth woke up feeling groggy and out of sorts. He attempted to lift his arms but they felt like weights. Seth looked around and realized he was in a hospital bed. The room had a soft glow and there was a woman slumped in a lounge chair on the right of him sleeping. Seth looked over his body and saw his leg was in traction and he had bandages over his arms and right leg. A nurse quickly entered the room with a surprised look on her face. “Seth, Seth Kortright?” the beautiful nurse said as she approached Seth. “I’m nurse Lisa. How are you feeling?” Lisa asked looking at the monitors and checking Seth’s vitals. Seth throat was sore and itchy. tle) “Could I possibly (cough a litget some water,”. Seth asked. Seth looked over at the woman and smiled as best he cou