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From the Writer Victoria Napolitano Victoria was a shy kid, and at the age of seven she discovered writing poetry let her escape and express how she felt. Over the years, Victoria became a voracious reader of poetry, romance, mysteries, and biographies. In 2001, Victoria suffered a debilitating injury that left her almost blind for a year. During her long recovery, she began to learn Braille, and she wrote short stories and in the dark. Her poem, Hello Dispatch, was written to thank the men and women from the police department who supported her throughout her long recovery. jury, she opened a small writing boutique on Cannery Row in Monterey, California. Passersby could watch her through the window writing calligraphy at her lighted table. She would have customers tell her five words to describe their loved one, and she would create a beautiful poem or letter incorporating those words. The local newspaper took notice and featured her in an article, calling her a modern day Cyrano de Bergerac. A year later Victoria moved her boutique to Carmel, California. Victoria started writing poetry and love letters for the wives and girlfriends of her romantically clueless colleagues at the police department. She was published in the police newspaper several times. Today, Victoria is CEO of a media production company based in San Francisco, but she also continues to write. The media took notice again in 2014, and Victoria was a special guest on The Willis Report on Fox Business Network. Victoria currently has over 1.4 million readers, and is working on her third online soap opera. Forced to leave the police department in 2005 because of her in- To read more of Victoria’s work, visit Jacqueline is a professional voice over actress. She has worked with VN Media Producitons on numerous voice over projects. Jacqueline is the female voice acrtess for Mademoiselle of Beverly Hills.