The Valley Catholic June 11, 2019 - Page 9 | June 11, 2019 COMMUNITY 9 ON A FIRM FOUNDATION: Reflections on Change By Mary Quilici Aumack “To live is to change, and to be per- fect is to have changed often.” -Cardinal John Henry Newman If you’ve read my column for a while, you know that there are just a few recurring themes: Gratitude, Faith, Family (genetic and otherwise), food (I do write a lot about food) and Hope. Today, in the context of all of these, I reflect on change. Last month I attended two beautiful Masses. Now don’t think that I only went to Mass twice last month; these were weeknight liturgies, in addition to Sunday. One was in gratitude for twenty years of leadership by Bishop McGrath. The other was a celebration of 25 years of priesthood for Bishop Cantú. This is what makes me reflect on change. Our change of episcopal leadership after 20 years is BIG, and it’s NOTH- ING. Stay with me… Of course, there will be change. We welcome the vision, priorities and expectations of new leadership. Bishop Cantú has outlined his plans to build a “Culture of Vocations,” encouraging all to pray for increased decisions for priestly and religious life. This will be a family-centered initiative, supported by the broad community of faith. We pray, and we foster conversations. With the guidance and grace of the Holy Spirit, we have the opportunity to posi- tively affect the future of our Diocese. Bishop Cantú also has a deep and strong passion for Catholic education. We have this in common. Both the bishop and I are products of Catholic education, and we were both able to experience it through the support of others. I pledge to assist as we work to increase the strength of our schools across all measures, and to make them accessible to all. Our new bishop will make changes in his leadership team, process, plan- ning criteria, metrics. He will have his own style of homilies and worship. He will ask things of us that are different from Bishop McGrath. So yes, much will change. And yet, NOTHING will change. Did I already say, “stay with me?” Remember when you were learn- Presentation Center Has Been Sold The Sisters of the Presentation are happy to announce the sale of Presen- tation Center in Los Gatos, California to Little Tree Montessori Schools. While this is truly a bittersweet event, we are pleased that the property will be utilized by an educational group. The tradition of using the beautiful natural surroundings to nurture and develop the whole person that began with the visionary Professor Ernest Rogers and the Montezuma School for Boys in 1910, and was carried through the decades by the postulants, novices, sisters, staff, teachers, students, visi- tors and guests who lived, worked and visited the Center between 1956 and 2017, will endure well into the future under the tutelage of Little Tree Mon- tessori Schools. We are grateful for all who support- ed the Center and its many programs throughout the years and supported us over the course of the entire clos- ing and sales process. Thank you for the gifts shared and the seeds of love planted then and for the future. We are hopeful that the historic land and buildings, so significant in our history and mission, will continue to afford children and adults the unique and profound opportunity to walk among the redwoods, hike by a rushing stream, gaze upon the stars and listen for the many mysterious whispers of God in such a special setting. ing a new skill, language, or subject? Your dad, mom or teacher would say “learn the basics, because the basics don’t change. Everything from there is variation.” This is how I think of a foundation. A foundation provides the backbone, the “jumping off point” if you will. So it is with our faith, and the funda- mental teaching of Jesus, which are the blocks of our foundation, the unchang- ing truths and guideposts. We live by Gospel values and those don’t change. For me, these tenets get stronger. I am bolstered by my relationship with Jesus. I am fed by the Eucharist, and I am called to be the Body of Christ, ministering to those in need, and wit- nessing through my actions. In fact, there is a long list of things that will not change: • The sacraments and the grace accompanying • Our support of each other, in our parishes and schools, fami- lies and friendships • Our “call to action,” responding to need because of gratitude • Our opportunity to deepen a friendship with Jesus the Christ At the Catholic Community Foun- dation, you know that we speak often of FOREVER VALUE: the idea that through building endowments for ministry and planning estate gifts to remember our cherished faith in- stitutions, we support the unending, unchanging gifts of Word, Worship and Witness. Psalm 148: Let them all praise the Lord’s name ... For he commanded and they were created ... Assigned them their station forever ... Set an order that will never change. In the end, my reflection on change results in a strong feeling of HOPE. I pledge to support Bishop Cantú, and take comfort in our enduring foundation. 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