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10 COMMUNITY June 11, 2019 | The Valley Catholic Catholic Cemeteries: Commit To Be a Responsible Christian By Kathy Fanger The news is filled with devastating reports of individuals being struck on roads, in crosswalks, parking lots, even their own driveway. In an instant, what started out to be an or- dinary day, ends up changing lives, sometimes forever. The 5 th commandment states, “Thou shall not kill.” This commandment calls each one of us to have a deep respect for every human life. We do that by moving throughout our day with a personal commitment to be responsible Christians. SAFE PRACTICES When driving: Be alert to your surroundings. Watch for adults and children in and out of crosswalks, bicyclists, vehicles chang- ing lanes, school buses and children entering and exiting them. Be par- ticularly alert to motorcyclists on city streets and highways who may split lanes at a great speed than the traffic around them. Use caution at night, when individuals may NOT be cross- ing at crosswalks but in dark areas. When backing up in parking lots and driveways, be alert to individuals, children and cars which may be in your path. The technology in newer cars makes it difficult to hear their mo- tors. Do not drive if you are impaired by any alcohol or drug. Wear seat belts and be sure children are secure in car seats. Allow space. The more space you allow between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead, the more time you have to see a hazard and safely stop, avoid- ing an accident. Allow time to get to your destination. Many grandparents and parents walk children to school sometimes running to arrive on time. How many of us find ourselves hurrying, causing us to be less alert, to drive above the speed limit, to change lanes frequently to get ahead? Rushing causes accidents and frustration to other drivers by our lack of courtesy. Instead, allow time and show kindness. Avoid all distractions. The use of hand-held cell phones while driving is illegal and results in a significant fine. A far worse result is causing an accident or death. Do not eat, read, or fiddle with the radio or CDs. Keep your eyes on the road. Do not allow your pet to sit on your lap. When walking, jogging, cycling on streets or near trains: Be alert to things in front, beside, below and behind you. Avoid using your cell phone as you are moving, particularly in parking lots. Wear helmets when cycling, and insist that your children and teens do, too. Hel- mets save lives. Model responsible behavior. Review safety rules with teens and young children: Look both ways before crossing streets; always walk on the sidewalk and only in crosswalks; and keep heads up and alert, no look- ing at cell phones or texting. Swim with a buddy, always under supervi- sion. Promise yourself each day that you will act safely, responsibly and promote kindness and respect. Your actions may have a positive ripple ef- fect on others. Catholic Cemeteries in the Diocese of San Jose is pleased to offer sacred resting places where families can re- member loved ones in a peaceful and hope-filled setting. We strive to make our cemeteries safe for all who visit. When visiting your loved ones, follow safe practices: watch your children, be aware of wildlife, and use caution when walking around graves. Follow rules and regulations designed to help protect all who visit. If you have ques- tions, or may be interested in property, we are here to assist you. You may contact us through our website www., email or call (650) 549-6056. Upcoming Workshops Death Café June 19 , 7 – 9 p.m. (3rd Wednesday each month) 890 Benton Street, Santa Clara (off Lafayette) Facilitator: Candee Lucas, M.A. Pastoral Ministries Want a safe place to talk about death and dying and what it means? How do we participate or incorporate dying into our lives as we come upon that experience? Space provided by Santa Clara University Graduate Program and Pastoral Ministries. For more informa- tion: Endorsed by Catholic Cemeteries. ESTATE PLANNING WORKSHOP June 29, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Saint Joseph of Cupertino Parish 10110 N. DeAnza Blvd. Cupertino Facilitator: David Ryan, Esq. Providen- tia Law Group An estate plan is more than just a document that designates how your as- sets are passed down. Having an estate plan in place has a variety of benefits that extend beyond simple inheritance and cover critical elements that wills ignore, such as guardianship for your children, protection for your business, what happens if you are incapacitated, as well as burial and funeral plans. Through a comprehensive process, Providentia designs complete, custom plans that protect family members, as- sets and values, starting with an initial 360-degree review process and main- taining your plan with a subsequent lifetime support program. Come join us for an educational session on what you can do today to protect your family, your wealth, assets and yourself. For more information, call 650-428-3730. SOLACE – Soul + Grief Monthly Drop-in Grief Support Group Grounded in spirituality and faith June 26, 7 – 9 p.m. O’Connor Hospital Chapel, Main En- trance, 2105 Forest Ave., San Jose. Parking in the back lot, right of Main Entrance Facilitator: Candee Lucas, M.A. Pastoral Ministries. We hope to create a sacred space for you to share your grieving. No RSVP necessary. Free. Sponsored by Catholic Cemeteries and O’Connor Hospital. For more informa- tion: (650) 549-6056. For more information or to schedule a free workshop in your parish, contact (650) 428-3730 or Rest in Peace, Ida Collins Ida Collins passed away peacefully on May 14 at the age of 92. Ida was born to the late Frank and Paula Cap- pozzo in Waukesha, WI. She married her loving husband, Harry, a Deacon of the Diocese of San Jose, in 1961 in San Francisco. They later moved to Campbell where they lived for 44 years before moving to an independent liv- ing community in San Jose. Ida is sur vived by her loving husband, Harry; her daughter, Paula Gallagher of San Jose; and her son, Michael Collins (Linda Fama) of Alexandria, VA; and grandchildren, Matthew and Nolan Gallagher of San Jose, and Jonathon Collins of Alexan- dria, VA. She is also survived by many nieces and nephews. Her generous loving spirit will be missed by all who knew her. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in Ida’s memory to the American Cancer Society.