The Valley Catholic August 20, 2019 - Page 23 | August 20, 2019 CATHOLIC SCHOOLS 23 Creativity Unleashed at Saint Lucy School Summer Camp Learning doesn’t stop over sum- mer vacation. Over 40 kindergarten through eighth grade students were able to enjoy four fun-packed weeks of outdoor fun, crafts, movies, field trips, cooking, and some good old-fashioned summer fun at the recent Saint Lucy School Summer Camp. Mrs. Jane Riley, Extended Day Care Director, Kindergarten Aide, PE teach- er and Saint Lucy alumna, has been the inspiration Saint Lucy School Summer Camp for over 15 years. Her work and enthusiasm, along with the support of her dedicated staff, has helped create summer memories for many Saint Lucy School students. Each of the four camp weeks has a dedicated theme. Week One was Pri- vate Eye Detectives, where students had to use their skills to investigate and solve the case of the missing treasure and earn their detective certificate. Upon solving the case, they enjoyed making chocolate explosion baskets and marshmallow blasters. Having cracked the case, students began Week Two with Harry Potter- inspired Wizarding Week. The Sorting Hat placed students in their respective houses. Houses competed with each other in a variety of tasks and games. Young wizards also created hats, ties, and wands that levitated feathers. Superheroes Assembled was the theme for Week Three. Summer camp superheros experienced a superhero training obstacle course in full costume as they donned their self made shields and capes. They enjoyed culinary de- lights that week such as pizza shields and hulk pudding. Camp’s final fun-filled week was Sole Survivor. Campers loved mak- ing team shelters out of giant boxes. Survivor teams created canoes and participated in canoe and scooter races combined with a variety of individual and team challenges. A special highlight of the week was to cheer on the Special Olympic torch run in support of athletes as it ran past the school down Winchester Boulevard. In addition to the themed crafts, games, and activities, students played basketball, hockey, and enjoyed lots of water play in the warm weather. What a way to infuse imagination, creativity, and teamwork to fill pre- cious summer days. Students from Our Lady of Refuge Awarded College Scholarships On, June 23, 37 students, whose families are registered parishioners at Our Lady of Refuge Parish, received Father Jorge da Silva, SM, Memorial scholarships to support their university or college studies. These students have been accepted to or attend: San José State, Cal State East Bay, California State Univer- sity Sacramento, San Francisco State, California State University Monterey, University of California Berkeley, Uni- versity of California Davis, University of California Santa Barbara, University of California Santa Cruz, University of California Irvine, California University Poly Pomona, Foothill College, De Anza College, and Evergreen Valley College. The students’ educational goals in- clude degrees in: Aeronautics; Civil, Electrical, and Computer Engineer- ing; Law; Medicine; Veterinary Medi- Students, whose families are registered parishioners at Our Lady of Refuge Parish, received Father Jorge da Silva, SM Memorial scholarships to support their university or college studies. cine; Nursing; Business; Advertising; Psychology; Sociology; Probation; and Teaching. This scholarship was established five years ago and has born much fruit, including four graduates, with more on the way. We are delighted for these hard- working, focused students and their families, and the two mothers who are pursuing higher education while man- aging husband, family, job, and studies. “All things are possible through Christ who gives us strength.” Phil. 4:13. In his homily, Bishop Oscar Cantú spoke about how each of us is called to feed each other as the apostles were called to feed the 5,000 people to whom Jesus had been preaching. We are deeply appreciative and grateful for the generosity of the many donors to make this fruitful scholar- ship possible, and pray for all of them. Anyone interested in supporting this fruitful endeavor please con- tact Marcia Green, scholarship co- chairperson at (408) 483-4588 or email Bellarmine College Preparatory to Honor Four Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees Bellarmine College Preparatory will recognize four distinguished alumni at its Hall of Fame ceremony the evening of August 24. Those to be honored, and their re- spective categories, are: Kevin Frand- sen, Class of 2000 (Athletics); Bill Del Biaggio, Jr., Class of 1958 (Business); Jim Harville, Class of 1963 (Humani- ties & Fine Arts); and Major General D. Scott McKean, Class of 1986 (Public Service). Kevin Frandsen played profes- sional baseball for multiple Major League Baseball teams, including t he San Francisco Giants, before transitioning to his current career in sports broadcasting. He exemplifies the spirit of service and compassion through his philanthropic efforts as a founding member of the 19 For Life Foundation, which funds services for children dealing with childhood ill- ness and provides financial support to students at Bellarmine and other local schools. Known for building relationships, Bill Del Biaggio, Jr. served the San José community through his business and philanthropic ventures as founding chairman of Heritage Bank and his volunteer service to numerous non- profit organizations in Santa Clara County. He is an original member of the Bellarmine Alumni Council and a 1986 inductee into the Bellarmine Athletic Hall of Fame. A popular English teacher for 45 years at Bellarmine, Jim Harville was also a legendary Speech and Debate coach for 32 years. Jim’s work with the program contributed to the develop- ment of 10 individual national champi- ons, 44 individual state champions, 13 California state sweepstakes awards, plus a national team championship in 1994. A decorated senior officer in the United States Army, Major General D. Scott McKean is a two-star General currently stationed in South Korea. During his 29-year career in the mili- tary, he embraced the humanitarian side of military service by negotiat- ing toward amicable resolutions of conflict, building positive relations between nations across the globe, and supporting local and federal govern- ment relief efforts after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The Hall of Fame inductions will occur on the Bellarmine campus, with the awards ceremony taking place at 5 p.m. in the Main Stage Theatre of the Sobrato Center for Humanities and the Arts, followed by a dinner in the Samuel A. Liccardo Center. Tickets are available online at: