The Valley Catholic April 16, 2019 - Page 14

14 April 16, 2019 | The Valley Catholic CATHOLIC SCHOOLS Lancer Improv Group Works Hard To Tickle Your Funny Bone Catch the members of the Saint Francis improv troupe, Shakespeare’s Dropouts, on stage playing such games as Swinging Pendulum of Death or Freeze Tag, and the guffaws, chortles and grins are bound to be plenty. “I love it because I like to make people laugh,” says senior Dominic Agudelo. “It’s rewarding when you throw out a joke that you thought about, or didn’t think about. I love the sensation of having people value what you say, but also appreciate it because it’s entertaining.” The audition-based group, a nine- member ensemble supported by a team manager, recently held a show in the school’s Performing Arts Center, graduating there after its audience got too big for the Little Theater. Unfazed by the nonsensical scenarios they find themselves in, these performers still have to fight nerves before getting on stage. For junior Sofia Graziani, who acts in musical theater, the unpredict- able nature of improv can be unsettling. But it gets better “once you put the pressure off yourself, the pressure of ‘I have to be funny’ and just have fun,” she says. And then, those first laughs from the audience always calm the but- terflies. “When the laughter starts rolling in, it’s like, ‘I know this crowd. They’ll laugh at anything so it’ll be good,’” says senior Paulina Cerros with a chuckle. However, the improv members take their funny business very seriously. The group holds regular practices to stay nimble, and they examine their performances, scrutinizing every- thing from enunciation to knowing how to move on when they feel stuck in a scene. “A major thing when we’re nervous is we’ll talk over each other because we’re trying to say what comes to mind and be funny,” says Sofia. “We’ll remind ourselves not to talk over each other because playing off each other is really important.” The benefits of laughter are many; these students know that a good laugh can lower stress and strengthen bonds. “We have a group text message, and we text each other all the time,” says Paulina. Whether they communicate with funny voices or wild hand gestures, members of Shakespeare’s Dropouts love being able to serve their school with their gifts. “It’s great to showcase that odd tal- ent that is so specific,” says Dominic. “You have to think of things quickly, work in a group, be funny and work a crowd. It’s my favorite thing.” Saint Lucy Students Shine in Annual Talent Show Saint Lucy School students are en- couraged to share their talents every year in the annual student-led Spring Talent Show. The show is managed by Student Council, and included more than 20 acts in every grade from Pre-K to 8th. By working in groups to develop acts, design costumes, and coordinate music, the students have wonderful opportunities to engage their creative talents in live performances, athletics, music, and their love of the arts. Students dazzled their audience with singing, guitar and piano play- ing, hula hooping, dancing, karate, and more. This year, Student Council closed the show with a musical dance number that energized everyone. The cheers that filled the gymnasium were infec- tious, and showcased the high level of school spirit found on the Saint Lucy School campus. Students all demon- strated an amazing side of themselves! Principal Sue Grover shared: “Our talent show is a beloved tradition that encourages students to step up and let their talents shine on stage. Students and teachers look forward to this event every year.” J U N E 1 1 – J U LY 1 9 Saint John Vianney School and Parish staffs gather with Coadjutor Bishop Oscar Cantú. Bishop Cantú Visits Saint John Vianney Cam p s and c la s s e s fo r 1s t –12th g r a d e r s Register now at On March 14, Saint John Vianney (SJV) Catholic School was honored with a visit by Coadjutor Bishop Oscar Cantú. A school-wide Mass was cel- ebrated, and rejoiced in song with our SJV Choir, led by Mrs. Adams, Choir Director. Parents, grandparents and the Parish Community gathered at Saint John Vianney Church to be a part of this special Mass. Father Steve Brown concelebrated Mass with Bishop Cantú. Showing our appreciation for Bish- op Cantú’s visit, the school gifted him a blanket, made by the hands of each student, along with a special person- alized book with sincere wishes and blessings. Principal, Laura Seminatore and As- sistant Principal, Barbara Spencer, led the Bishop around the campus. Students were excited to ask the Bishop questions about his childhood, family, and becoming Bishop. Bishop Cantú addressed the stu- dents with a message of Lenten hope and renewal; he reminded the students that they are children of God, respect their parents, and love and serve the Lord. The parish and school staffs were delighted to join Bishop Cantú and Father Steve for lunch. The day was enjoyed by all.