The True Mehdi Issue 04 - September | Page 12

THE MAN ON THE MOON Who is RE V E A LED HIS DIVINE EMINENCE Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi? HU MAN IT Y ’ S SILEN T SAV IO U R The Moon, one of the divine signboards, is unequivocally announcing the identity of the Awaited Imam Mehdi, Promised Messiah and Foretold Kalki Avatar. We shall show them our signs in the horizons and in their selves until they are convinced that this is the truth. [KORAN 41:53] The Hour has come closer, and the secret of the Moon has erupted. [KORAN 54:1] Surely, you will see your Lord just as you see this Moon and you will have no difficulty in seeing Him. You shall not be harmed by seeing him. [HADITH NUMBER 531: VOLUME 9, BOOK 93, AL-BUKHARI; SAHIH MUSLIM] Imam Mehdi’s face will shine on the Moon. [IMAM JAFAR SADIQ, AL-GHAYBA] When the Mehdi appears, Allah will cause such power of vision and hearing to be manifested in believers that the Mehdi will call to the whole world from where he is, with no postman involved, and they will hear and even see him. [MUNTAKAB AL ADHHAR, P. 483] 12 THE TRUE MEHDI • ISSUE 04 • SEPT 2017 And there shall be signs in the Sun, and in the Moon, and in the stars. [LUKE 21:25] I will display wonders in the sky and on the earth. [JOEL 2:30; ACTS 2:19] The Messiah will be established as the Moon for eternity. [PSALMS 89:38] The Messiah will shine like the Sun but will have the name of the Moon. [GRIGORI RASPUTIN, LETTERS TO THE TSARINA, 1927] There is a man on the Moon. He wears a silver gown. The Saggitarian will rise from the Moon. [MICHEL DE NOSTRADAMUS] The Sun and Moon will be subservient to Kalki Avatar. [SRI DASAM GRANTH SAHIB, P. 107] His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi is the unifier that humanity so desperately needs. His teachings invite mankind to obtain God’s love and his blessings are for all. His divine character, unparalleled compassion, limitless bounty and transcendent teachings have impelled a multitude of human beings to believe that he is the awaited Imam Mehdi, Messiah and Kalki Avatar. The manifestation of his image on the Moon is one of God’s many signs announcing him as the Awaited One. A s far as we know, His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi’s advent in this world officially took place on November 25, 1941, in the Indian subcontinent. Relatives and neighbours recount that His Divine Eminence spent his youth in pursuit of divinity; often he would be found at the shrines of saintly figures. His Divine Eminence eventually went to the jungle of Lal Bagh, Dhok Gohar Shah, for the sake of God’s love. He spent three years in spiritual austerity. When he returned to the city, he began to preach God’s love to the masses. His spiritual teachings, charismatic personality and all-encompassing message inspired millions to connect with God. His ever-growing fame has reached people of all nations and religions. He was the first personality to be invited to speak at the pulpit of all worship centres. He is loved and respected by people of all religions. In 1994, the image of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi became prominent on the Moon and people everywhere began to notice it. In 1996, His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi confirmed that it was his image on the Moon and that it was a sign from God. He noted that it is beyond human ability to make an image on the Moon. He invited humanity to investigate his image on the Moon and test him. He declares, ‘Investigate whether or not it is a sign from God. If this is truly a sign from God, do not reject it on the basis of any sectarian or religious bias.’ Thanks to His Divine Eminence, a silent global revolution is underway. His teachings have shaken the foundations of universal thought. His approach is so broad that all human beings benefit from him. THE TRUE MEHDI • ISSUE 04 • SEPT 2017 13