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So Is the Blood Moons Prophecy True? F irstly, according to Jewish literature, no signs in the heavens or the earth would denote the end times until the Jews were returned to Israel. [DEUTERONOMY 4:25-31; ISAIAH 59:20] Today, Israel is home to the largest concentration of Jews in the entire world. According to Jewish tradition, eclipses witnessed in the West would be an omen for people of that region. Each of the Blood Moons could be seen from the United States of America. However, this was the first of the Blood Moons tetrad in the technological age; thanks to live streaming by NASA and other agencies, people from all over the world could witness the eclipses in real-time. Since the entire world could easily see the eclipses through the internet, could the four Blood Moons of 2014/2015 have been a sign from God for the entire mankind? The tetrad of 2014/2015 came to pass, and so far, the world has not ended, but significant events have happened since the beginning of the tetrad. Namely, the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) rose to prominence just a few short months before the first Blood Moon in April 2014. Following the completion of the four Blood Moons in September 2015, we saw an alarming increase in attacks by ISIS on Western countries, so shocking that the Mirror called it, ‘the year ISIS waged war on the world.’ With the rise of terrorist threats in the West, our politics have been hugely affected. Intolerance and xenophobia seem to dominate every aspect of our lives. Today, the fate of the world seems to hang in the balance as world leaders appear to be unable to tackle radical Islam (also known as Wahhabism) 7 . The current state of affairs suggests that a world war is just around the corner and that humanity is in desperate need of the Messiah. Indeed, EZEKIEL 38:16 declares that war and suffering are precursors to the Messianic age; similar things are foretold for the Second Coming of Lord Jesus Christ. 10 THE TRUE MEHDI • ISSUE 04 • SEPT 2017 THE MOON: A SYMBOL OF THE MESSIAH? And he will be established like the Moon for eternity. DID YOU KNOW? - PSALMS 89:38 It is not just Jewish and Christian scripture that lay emphasis on eclipses as a divine sign. Prophet Mohammad prophesied, ‘Verily, for my Mehdi there are two signs which have never as yet concurred since the creation of the universe. Two eclipses will occur during the same month of Ramadan; one will be lunar and one will be solar.’ [SUNAN DAR QUTNI, VOL. 1; P. 188; AL-BARZANJI, AL-ISHA'AH LI-ASHRAT AL-SA'AH, P. 200); ASH-SHARANI, MUKHTASAR TAZKIRAH AL-QURTUBI, P. 440; AL-MUTTAQI AL- HINDI, AL-BURHAN FI ALAMAT AL-MAHDI AKHIR AZ- ZAMAN, P. 38; IMAM RABBANI, LETTERS OF RABBANI, 380] The concurrence of solar and lunar eclipses in Ramadan is a sign for humanity that the advent of Imam Mehdi has taken place. This is supported by a chapter in the Koran which suggests that solar and lunar eclipses are signs of end times. [KORAN 75:7-9] Since November 1940 - a year before HDE Gohar Shahi’s arrival in this world - lunar and solar eclipses have been frequently occurring together during Ramadan. 1958, 1960, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1995, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 are all examples of years when this prophecy of Prophet Mohammad was fulfilled. Before 1940, this phenomenon had never occurred. Surdas, a Hindu sage, declared for the age of the Kalki Avatar (the Messianic figure in Hinduism), ‘Both the moon and the sun will be eclipsed and there will be much violence and death.’ [SURSAGAR] 7 For more information on Wahhabism and how it is preached in the West, read the June 2017 issue of the Messiah Herald: Religious Manipulation: The Backbone of Terrorism. The Messiah Herald is a publication also by Messiah Foundation International. H ebrew traditions certainly view the celestial bodies as having critical roles to play in determining human affairs. In fact, many interpreters believe that GENESIS 1:14 was a way of introducing the knowledge of astrology. Talmudic sages also believed this knowledge was given to King Soloman. [ECCLESIASTES 3:1-8] Michel de Nostradamus, too, is thought to have utilised astrology to accurately predict events in modern times. However, the Moon has a special place in Jewish traditions; scholars consider the waxing and waning of the Moon to be not unlike the different eras of prosperity and persecution the Israelites have faced. In regards to the Moon, the Talmud declares that whoever sends benedictions upon the New Moon actually salutes the Divine Presence [SANAHEDRIN 42A] ; they celebrate it as the renewal of the Moon which symbolises God’s grace upon them. The ‘Blessing of the Moon’ ceremony is also a way for the Jewish people to express their anticipation of the Messiah, who ‘will be established like the moon for eternity.’ [PSALMS 89:38] For the Jewish people, the full Moon represents a time of opulence for Israel, whereas the New Moon represents hope for redemption. Therefore, it is no surprise that the full Moon is frequently linked to the Messianic era. According to ISAIAH 30:26 , in the era of the Messiah, ‘the light of the Moon will be like the light of the Sun.’ Ancient tradition also declares that the Moon will no longer wane in the era of the Messiah. However, scholars believe that the Messianic period will be split into two eras and that the Moon staying full would be a spectacle of the latter era. [TANYA BY RABBI SCHNEUR ZALMAN OF LIADI] The famous Russian sage, Grigori Rasputin, predicted, ‘He will shine like the Sun, but will have the name of the Moon.’ [LETTERS TO THE TSARINA, 1927] The great Nostradamus declared in a letter to in his son, Cesar, ‘In actuality, we are governed by the Moon through the omnipotence of the Eternal God.’ Nostradamus revealed, ‘There is a man on the Moon. He wears a silver gown. The Saggitarian will rise from the Moon.’ He predicted that the Messiah would have a name, or title, related to the Moon. [CENTURY 2, QUATRAIN 28] THE TRUE MEHDI • ISSUE 04 • SEPT 2017 11