The True Mehdi Issue 03 - March - Page 16

SPOTLIGHT SPOTLIGHT spirits hail from the higher realms. This is the reason why, without the practice of spirituality, the Carnal Self is active in you. It also explains why your other souls, alien to the atmosphere of this world, are dormant in your bloodstream. The Carnal Self is responsible for bringing many negative traits human beings. Bulleh Shah, a famous Sufi, said, ‘It was the Carnal Self which brought impurities in me, otherwise I was not impure.’ A seeker of Sufism initially aims to purify and tame his Carnal Self, while reviving and enlightening the Spiritual Heart. The process of purification and enlightenment of all the celestial spirits begins with the Spiritual Heart. Prophet Mohammad perfectly illustrates the essentiality of purifying the Spiritual Heart in the following tradition: ‘O’ Son of Adam, there is a piece of flesh in you. If it is set right, the entire body is set right. If it is corrupted, the entire body is corrupted. Remember well: it is your heart.’ [AL-BUKHARI; MUSLIM; MISHKAT SHAREEF ] In the Koran, God mentions that faith itself has to do with the heart. ‘The Arabs said, “We are Momin (true believers).” Say unto them that you are not Momin, rather you have accepted Islam; you will become Momin when faith enters your heart.’ [KORAN 49:14] One of the greatest obligations for Muslims is that when they accept the religion, they must verbally proclaim the Declaration of Faith (Kalima) and their hearts must affirm it. The Declaration of Faith in Islam translates to, ‘There is No Creator but God.’ Could there be a better way to have the heart verify one’s belief in God than for it to invoke God? In another important verse of the Koran, God also commands Muslims to remember him while they toss and turn in their beds. [KORAN 3:191] When you toss and turn in your bed, you do so while you sleep. How can you fulfil this directive of God, when you yourself are not in control of your body while you 16 THE TRUE MEHDI • ISSUE 03 • MAR 2017 sleep? Sufism, The Knowledge of the Heart, has the answer. Prophet Mohammad said, ‘My eyes sleep but my heart doesn’t sleep.’ [SAHIH BUKHARI VOLUME 2, BOOK 21, NUMBER 248 NARRATED ABU SALMA BIN ‘ABDUR RAHMAN] Sufis practise a method of utilising the heart to invoke God, known as Dhikr-e-Qalb (Opening of the Spiritual Heart). Just as flint and steel are struck to produce a spark and electricity is produced when clouds collides, in a similar way, when God’s name is repeated continuously, Divine Energy (God’s light) is generated. Therefore, Sufis synchronise the name of God with the heartbeats in order to produce Divine Energy in their very beings. People, believing the heart to be a mere piece of flesh, are sceptical about how it could possibly say the name of God. His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi argues that the tongue is also a piece of flesh, yet it speaks. The power of speech is given to the tongue through the Akhfah, a subtlety located at the centre of the breast. Without it, you cannot speak, even if your tongue is medically sound. The fleshy heart can be made to say the name of God through the Spiritual Heart, which is the spiritual entity that corresponds to it. The difference between the Spiritual Heart and the Akhfah is that the Spiritual Heart is enclosed within 180 000 veils of vices. If someone revives the Spiritual Heart, just as the tongue speaks, the heart will also remember God. If someone is ignorant of the nature of an egg, they will never believe that a chick can be hatched from it. The three layers of shell must be ruptured for the chick to hatch from the egg. The Spiritual Heart, entrapped in 180 000 veils, is like an egg. To hatch a chicken egg, you need a hen to provide it with the right amount of heart. To ‘hatch’ your Spiritual Heart, you need a Perfect Spiritual Guide who can tear through the 180 000 layers with the correct intensity of Divine Energy. This is why the Koran says that those who ‘open their breasts for Islam’ do so with God’s light, and those whose hearts have been kept heedless of God’s remembrance are destroyed. [KORAN 39:22] Without having to learn, a baby chick chirps because chirping is in its nature. When the Spiritual Heart is revived, without having to learn, it will remember God because this remembrance is in its nature. Those who successfully manage to revive their Spiritual Hearts often experience something inside them repeating the name of God. The Koran declares that on the Day of Judgement, only one who has a purified heart would be successful. [KORAN 42:88-89] According to a Prophetic Tradition, ‘There is a means to cleansing everything. For the heart, there is God’s remembrance.’ [SHU’ABUL IMAN 519; TARGHIB, VOL.2 PG.39; AL- MUDAWI, VOL.2 PG.527] Sufis spend years after obtaining Opening of the Spiritual Heart in the practice of invoking God’s name with their heartbeats. Done correctly, it enlightens and purifies the Spiritual Heart. The heart, being a pumping station of blood, mixes Divine Energy with the blood when an abundance is generated from the invocation of God’s name. The other subtleties, being located within the bloodstream, are eventually awakened through this method. When your heart is fully enlightened, the next step is for you to form a personal relationship with God. A tenet of Sufism is that God sometimes looks at the hearts of his creation. Then, God does not look at your body or your deeds; rather, he looks at shining hearts and the intentions therein. [SAHIH MUSLIM 2564] When God sees your shining heart, he showers his mercy upon you. This is when your connection with God is established. Sufism is all about strengthening your inner being and allowing yourself to explore your God-given potential. Sufis, having enlightened their spiritual faculties, are able to make spiritual journeys to different realms and send their spirits to different localities in the phenomenal world. Some of the elite have been able to witness God’s splendour through the soul in the forehead, Ana. Others became recipients of special divine sub- spirits, which allowed them to reach a stage beyond human comprehension. WHY DO SUFIS V ISIT SHRINES? Most people believe that the Main Human Soul goes to the higher realms when one dies. Sufism has the same belief. Knowing this, seekers of spirituality nevertheless flock to the shrines of Sufi Masters in order to obtain blessings from them. This is because the supplementary spirits of a saint often take the guise of him in the grave. They bless people and glorify God while in the grave, on behalf of the Sufi Master. Some critics of Sufism within Islam consider this practice to be evidence that Sufis are polytheists; however, Sufis believe that the Sufi Masters and their shrines are representative of God’s mercy on Earth. They do not consider the Sufi Masters to be their creator nor do they hold them in the same regard as they do God himself. THE TRUE MEHDI • ISSUE 03 • MAR 2017 17