The True Mehdi Issue 03 - March - Page 14

SPOTLIGHT HOW TO RECOGNISE A TRUE SUFI What you need to look for. His Divine Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has given humanity a very simple, foolproof test to determine whether anyone is a true Sufi Master. Before we tell you His Divine Eminence’s criteria, here’s the background information you’ll need to authenticate it and understand its significance in light of Sufi teachings. M any fake Sufis make a living off the naive seekers of spirituality in countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. They have even been successful to a certain extent in the West. This is because most people do not know how to judge whether or not someone is actually a Sufi. They lack the original knowledge of Sufism. In the areas of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh where there has been a tradition of Sufism, people recognise that it is important to commit oneself to a Spiritual Guide to successfully practise the religion. Especially in the rural regions of these countries, the majority of people who like to surround Sufi shrines and Sufis are those who are relatively less educated. The pseudo-Sufis have therefore managed to con many thousand disciples out of their wealth. There have been numerous cases of such imposters who were found to be guilty of sexual assault on women and young children. Pseudo-Sufis are those who have not been spiritually trained as Sufis. They haven’t reached any station of purification and enlightenment. Neither their Carnal Selves 14 THE TRUE MEHDI • ISSUE 03 • MAR 2017 nor their Spiritual Hearts are pure. Since the pseudo-Sufis have no spirituality, what they do is they refer their disciples to a deceased saint of God who is buried in a shrine. They tell them, ‘He will help you. I am here to refer you to him.’ Doing this, they claim all the benefits of being a Spiritual Guide. Most of them live very luxurious lifestyles, which they can afford due to the generous donations they receive from their disciples. When His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi became publicly known, wherever HDE Gohar Shahi went, he pointed out to innocent people that they were being fooled by fake Sufis. He exposed the pseudo- Sufis categorically. SPOTLIGHT SUFISM: THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE HEART As previously mentioned, each Grand Messenger was granted two types of knowledge: outer knowledge and inner knowledge. Sufism is the name for the inner knowledge associated with Islam and Prophet Mohammad. His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi has explicitly declared that the exterior form of knowledge without the accompaniment of the inner knowledge is a great mischief. It is unfortunate that people often see any reference made to the heart as purely metaphorical. This is because it is not commonly known that there exists a Spiritual Heart (known in Sufism as the Qalb) which sits atop the fleshy heart in human beings. His Divine Eminence often refers to inner knowledge as ‘The Knowledge of the Heart’ owing to the central role the Spiritual Heart plays in Sufism. Islamic scripture acknowledges the importance of the heart on numerous occasions. Ali, the Companion of Prophet Mohammad, asserts, ‘O’ man, you presume that you are a small entity. Whereas within you is concealed the entire universe.’ [FAYDH KASHANI’S TAFSIR AL-SAFI, PAGE 92; MISHKAT SHAREEF ] His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi reveals that when a human being is born, the Main Human Soul is inserted in his body. To aid the Main Human Soul, five other celestial spirits are inserted - four in the breast and one at the forehead. There is also the Carnal Self located at the naval point. In addition to these, there are nine sub-spirits enclosed in the body, making the number of spirits in man a total of sixteen. Due to these various faculties, man was able to move and speak. Some of the spirits in a human being relate to IS SUFISM INHERITED? One way imposters manage to convince the naive seekers of Sufism that they are Sufi Masters is by linking themselves to legitimate Sufis of the past. For example, if a Sufi Master lived in a certain area 400 years ago, his descendants would automatically be accepted among locals as Sufi Masters. Unquestioningly, they would devote themselves to these people, considering it to be their religious obligation. This is because there is a concept among certain sects of Islam, such as Shi’ism, that knowledge is passed through the bloodline, or that one’s lineage has a profound impact on their level of spirituality. This idea probably stems from the belief that members of the Household of Prophet Mohammad are born pure; this, in turn, was formed following a verse of the Koran in which God promised to purify the family of Prophet Mohammad. [KORAN 33:33] What Muslims should remember is that the above-mentioned verse does not apply to every person, nor is it proof that spirituality is inherited. Had spiritual ranks been inherited, Prophet Noah’s son would not have been an infidel. It is not necessary for the child of a prophet to be a prophet also. In a similar way, it is not compulsory that the progeny of saint inherit his spiritual rank. Spirituality has to do with the awakening of the souls and spirits. Admittance to and progress on the spiritual path depends on one’s own efforts and fate. Sufism, being a form of spirituality, is no exception to this rule. the physical life in this phenomenal world, others to the celestial realms and others are satanic in nature. The five senses in man are due to the five subtleties located in the human breast. Sufis understand that the difference between man and animal is due to the presence of the celestial spirits in him. Your Carnal Self relates to this phenomenal world while the other celestial THE TRUE MEHDI • ISSUE 03 • MAR 2017 15